Outlander Season 2 Casts Two New Faces!

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It's true, Outlander Season 2 will look a whole lot different than Outlander Season 1.

Not only is the setting moving from Scotland to Paris, France, but there will be a slew of new faces, the first of which have been announced today.

First up, Stanley Weber will join as the French Le Comte St. Germain, a member of French Court and wine merchant who has a reputation for dabbling in the occult. He'll become aware of Claire when she meddles in a public health matter, causing him to lose some money. Uh oh! While St. Germain is a bit of a villain, we're happy to report he's a comely one.

Outlander Casting

Also joining the cast will be Robert Cavanah as Jamie's cousin, Jared Fraser. Jared will greet the wedded couple upon their arrival in France and they'll stay in his grand home, tending his wine business while he travels in the West Indies. It will be a good front while they attempt to change history and thwart the Jacobite uprising.

Weber will appear in most of the episodes that take place in France, while it would seem we'll see less of Cavanah since Jared must travel in order to give his home over to Claire and Jamie.

What do you think of the casting news? Excited to see a new direction and moving toward the action of Dragonfly in Amber? Hit the comments to chat about it!

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