Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 5 Review: The Most Dangerous Beast

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Remind me to never volunteer to be Cat's new partner!

On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 5, Cat wasn't been able to shake her obsession with trying to find Bob and Carol.

Even though it was getting irritating, at least she was right about the deadly couple being after her and Vincent. We were even treated to one awesome fight between Carol and Cat, which proved just how tough Cat can be.

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss, "The Most Dangerous Beast."

Beauty and The Beast -- The Most Dangerous Beast

Does anyone else feel the timeline is moving incredibly fast? It's now been weeks since Bob and Carol were causing a ruckus. Vincent had every right to be weary about looking into Bob and Carol, but you can't blame Cat for trying to find them.

To Cat, Bob and Carol were a couple who could easily cause a lot of harm to her and Vincent – of course she wanted to track them down.

Vincent: Do you know how many blonde women there are in Manhattan?
Cat: OK, but you have to admit that could have been Carol.

They're doing a great job of not ignoring the fact that Cat and Vincent have some relationship issues and are using methods they learned in counseling to deal with them.

Cat is still a work in progress, but she gets credit for catching herself. While it's clear Cat and Vincent love each other, they also need to learn to be independent and do their own thing.

Why wasn't there a bigger deal made about JT's new healing ability? They completely glossed over JT having abilities. It would have been nice to see Vincent's reaction to it or Tess comforting him about learning the truth, but instead, they throw us right into the thick of things and "cure" him in the end – it was incredibly frustrating.

Bob and Carol were, hands down, my favorite villains. They were interesting because they aren't your typical bad guys, per se. Bob and Carol were two people who loved each other and were trying to find a cure for the serum going through their veins.

What truly made them any different from Cat and Vincent? Besides, of course, the fact Bob and Carol murdered people left and right.

I think I came up with a theory on how Bob and Carol's enhanced power works. I think they can slow down their heart rate and speed up their brains processing power to such an extant that they see the world in slow motion. Meaning, they can anticipate and adjust to anything.


Cat had no right getting angry with Tess after she demanded proof of Carol being back. Tess was trying to do her job and she can't play favorites.

While Tess may have agreed Bob and Carol were back, she just can't send a bunch of her people out there looking for them without definitive proof. Cat was acting like a child who had her toy taken away from her. 

Tess not wanting to clue Cat in on Bob and Carol's home made complete sense. Tess knew if she gave Cat the information, she wouldn't get any work done. Tess made an executive decision based on the information JT provided her with and went with her gut instinct.

JT getting schooled by Tess on why he isn't allowed to knock down doors was hysterical.

Tess: Just because you're dating a police captain, doesn't mean you can kick in other people's doors.
JT: Vincent does it all the time. Why can't I have some fun?
Tess: Because Vincent's a beast, Bob and Carol are super assassins and you're just a dude who heals himself.
JT: Gee, thanks.

It was insane seeing the roles flip between Cat and Tess. Having Tess completely lose her cool on Carol showed just how important JT is to her; though Cat was right about Tess needing to calm down. 

In the end, JT proved why he's the MVP of this show after getting himself ran over by Bob's truck to force Vincent to go into full on beast-mode. Vincent was able to use Cat's love, without her being there, to bring himself back to normal.

Carol, after hearing about Bob's death, stopped her own heart because she couldn't go on without him. Cat finally ordered those concert tickets.

What did you think of, "The Most Dangerous Beast,"? Do you think JT's healing ability is really gone? What did oyu think of Cat's new partner, Detective Wesley?

Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch Beauty and the Beast online now via TV Fanatic anytime. Make sure to come back to let us know what you think.

The Most Dangerous Beast Review

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Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Cat: Seriously, babysitting duty! This is just not about distracting me from Vincent, is it?
Tess: Alright. OK, so we buried the lead. Come on Cat, ever since I took over this precinct, I'm under a ton of pressure to get the numbers up, and that means I need the next generation of detectives up to snuff.

Vincent: Do you know how many blonde women there are in Manhattan?
Cat: OK, but you have to admit that could have been Carol.