Rookie Blue Round Table: Andy Has to Choose

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Andy considered her options concerning her future with Sam... Chloe got stuck with Duncan... and Chris got in deeper with Jarvis’ wife as everyone scrambled to solve a supposed kidnapping on Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 2.

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Elizabeth Harlow, Whitney Evans and Christine Orlando debate Marlo’s original plan, who should get stuck with Duncan and why Andy considered walking away after "Perfect Family."

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Was it fair of Marlo to plan not to tell Sam she was pregnant with his child?

Allison: I don't think so. I understand why she wasn't planning on telling him, but in my opinion, the father should always know. Well, the father should know if he is a decent guy.

Elizabeth: I wouldn't call it fair, but her intentions were good. She didn't want to disrupt his life anymore than she already had. I think that she thought it be unfair to tell him and make him feel obligated to be with her or to 

Whitney: It wasn't fair in the sense that Sam has a right to know that he's going to be a father, but I think she was coming from a good place because she didn't want to disrupt Sam's life anymore. Telling him was the right decision but her plans to not tell him didn't come from a malicious place. 

Christine:  I know she didn’t want to disrupt Sam’s life anymore but I don’t think it was fair at all. It would have been completely wrong to keep Sam from knowing his own child or to keep that child from having a loving father. Her intentions may have been good but they were horribly short sighted. 

This week even Chloe was annoyed with Duncan. Who would you have as Duncan’s partner?

Allison: Is there anyone who isn't annoyed with Duncan? I love Duncan and Nick being partners. They are so much fun to watch. I would love to see Duncan paired with Gail though. It would be amazing to watch.

Elizabeth: Does the station have some animal mascot he could pair with?  Pairing him with Gail is a funny idea, but somebody might end up getting shot. Just stick him on desk duty where he can't hurt anybody. 

Whitney: Duncan is the worst, I'm sorry. I can't see him paired up with anyone and it really working out. There is nothing about him I enjoy and I feel like he could really use some character rehab. 

Christine:  I agree with Whitney in that I can’t stand Duncan. That said, I like how Nick doesn’t put up with his immature behavior and seeing Duncan paired with Gail could be awesome.

Were you surprised that Andy was considering walking away from Sam because of the baby?

Allison: No, Andy wanted to give Sam the option to reunite with Marlo and be a family for their child. Given Andy's childhood, it made sense that Andy didn't want to stand in the way of that baby having a better chance at a normal childhood.

Elizabeth: No. Outside of what Allison mentioned, I think she's right to seriously consider if she could love and accept the kid. Even without Marlo and Sam getting back together, if you can't be 100% on board with the kid, you should get out. 

Whitney: I wasn't surprised at all because that is a lot to process. Like Elizabeth said, you have to be able to accept and love your partners child like they were your own and if Andy was unsure of that, than she had every right to walk away. 

Christine: It was a lot to take in so I can understand Andy looking over all of the options and what they mean. In the end, I was really proud of the decision she made.

Do you hope Chris eventually breaks things off with Jarvis’ wife or would you prefer it blow up in his face?

Allison: Break it off, Diaz! I want him to be the bigger person and make the right choice. He is finally getting his life back on track, and the last thing he needs is for Jarvis to learn that Chris is screwing his wife, and that they both met in NA. 

Elizabeth: I'd like to see him break it off, but I don't see that actually happening. Diaz has become the guy that always knowingly makes the worst decisions. 

Whitney: Diaz has been a bit of a hot mess for awhile now, so there's just no way this situation ends well for him. It is 100% going to blow up in his face. 

Christine:  I couldn’t help but echo Gail’s thoughts when she called him an idiot. There’s no way this doesn’t blow up in his face and it may be mean spirited but I’m looking forward to watching it happen. 

Was there anything in “Perfect Family” that disappointed you?

Allison: I didn't really like Sam and Andy's conversation. It was really awkward. "I wanted to be the woman to make you a father." Okay, maybe because I've never been A. in a position to consider having a child B. in Andy's exact position, but those words just made me cringe.

Elizabeth: That it took them so long to figure out the girl was a runaway and not kidnapped. The father was obviously over controlling from the moment he sat down with Traci and Andy, and that Hayley rebelled where she could. 

Whitney: It bothered me too that it took everyone so long to figure out the girl wasn't kidnapped. I can't see David Sutcliffe as anything other than Christopher from Gilmore Girls and it was crazy to see him be so full on evil!

Christine:  I was a little disappointed with the Nick and Juliet scenes. It just felt like this relationship was being friend zoned. 

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Allison: Jeremy explaining that he had poisoned his sister and his reasoning behind yet. Okay, yes this is the creepiest scene, but that's why I loved it. That kid nailed looking innocent, adorable, and yet mindblowingly disturbing.

Elizabeth: I don't have a clear favorite this time. One of the scenes I enjoyed was Traci and Andy's discussion about Marlo and the baby--I always like their BFF scenes. 

Whitney: I loved the final McSwarek scene and the fact that Andy declared her dedication to Sam. It really seems like they're in it for the long haul now and even with this obstacle, they're coming together instead of driving each other away. And we ended on an adorable kiss! Doesn't get much better than that. 

Christine: Andy and Sam have the most amazing scenes in that truck! I loved everything Andy said to Sam. This Rookie Blue quote gave me a lot of hope for their future…

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