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Andy tells Traci she’s considering walking away from Sam because she thinks it might be the right thing to do since Marlo is having his baby. 

Nick and Juliet are assigned to ride together for the day. Duncan rides with Chloe.

Gail is quick to figure out that Chris is sleeping with Jarvis’ wife. He says he keeps trying to break it off but he can’t. Later, Jarvis mentions that he was told to cut the employment budget in his latest round of meetings but he refused. He attributes his good humor to his wife being so happy lately. Diaz tells Gail that he can’t break things off or else they risk someone at 15 Division losing their jobs. 

Traci investigates a missing 16-year-old girl, Hayley Hill. She walked to the convenience store for milk and never came back. Connor Frye, an employee was posting photos of Hayley on his Instagram account. He has a juvenille record for coercing a young girl into sex. 

When they find Connor Frye, he’s alone. They find Hayley’s shirt outside of his camper but her shirt has been burned. Turns out he was trying to help Hayley run away. Hayley tells the police that her father poisoned their dog to teach her a lesson, that he dictates what she wears and that he frequently makes her sleep in the garage. 

Sam talks to the father and although what he says about controlling his family is scary, it’s not necessarily illegal. Traci and Andy convince the mom to come with the kids to a hotel to talk but the younger son, Jeremy calls his dad and tells him where they are. 

The Dad beats up Connor Frye and Nick and Juliet arrest him but since this is his first offense, everyone expects him to be released. The mom gets scared and considers going home. Hayley, Traci, and Andy beg her to reconsider. Suddenly Hayley has a seizure. Jeremy says he decided to teach her a lesson the way Dad taught their dog a lesson and send her to a better place.

The paramedics save Hayley and social services takes Jeremy. Andy tells the mom that this may not be the family she envisioned but she needs to step up and take control. 

Later, Andy tells Sam that although she’s disappointed that she isn’t the woman having his child, that this child will always feel loved and wanted by her and that she’s determined to figure this out.

Dov and Marlo realize that the connection to the evidence room explosion comes from within the police department itself. 


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