Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Required Reading

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Ah, yes, read the Dread Doctors book to remember your time when you weren't with the Dread Doctors.

On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 6, the pack held a book club meeting for the Dread Doctors book, something they should maybe do for the actual required reading that they have to help make sure they all pass English. The book club wasn't really a success since there weren't any snacks prepared and everyone fell asleep.

Teen Wolf Still

Either the book was supposed to put everyone (minus Theo who already is BFFs with the Dread Doctors) to sleep, or they all finally realized that they have terrible sleeping schedules.

It's a miracle they are all still functioning. Aside from the whole question of whether the sleeping was an intentional side effect or not, the Dread Doctors book and how it functions is still a bit of a mystery.

Dr. Valack and his super creepy third eye told Lydia and Stiles to read the book to remember their previous encounters with the Dread Doctors. He wrote it to find other people like him who had met the Dread Doctors before. Okay, so if you read the book but had never met them before, it makes sense that the book wouldn't affect you at all, right?

Wrong. Stiles and Scott's uncovered memories had nothing to do with the Dread Doctors. They both remembered painful experiences, ones that their subconscious probably buried deep down, but the Dread Doctors weren't involved. They were some really heartbreaking and terrifying memories though. As much as I always wanted to meet Stiles' mom, I did not ask for this painful introduction.

Maybe the book likes to cause people pain, and by reading it, you also somehow alert the Dread Doctor's to your existence. It would explain why they showed up at the hospital at the end. Honestly, this book confuses me. Do you have any ideas as to why neither Stiles nor Scott's memories had anything to do with the Dread Doctors?

If I read they book, why don't I have the full memory of my experience with them?


Lydia thought she had met the Dread Doctors before, but after reading the book, she changed her theory. The memories weren't her own because apparently banshees can remember other people's memories or tap into them. Maybe one day, Lydia's banshee powers will be fully explained and everything will make sense. We can hope, right?

Lydia's memory of her grandmother was cool and also disturbing. Grandma Martin has already proven that her banshee skills were on point, and this memory continues this trend. She told Lydia, "they are coming." It's not a far leap to guess that she is referring to the Dread Doctors. If the she wasn't talking about them, then the memory doesn't really serve a purpose. It would be really interesting to learn more about the last time the Doctors paid Beacon Hills a visit.

Meanwhile in the Theo is always scheming part of the hour, Theo continued to make his move on more than one person in the pack. He's got ambition, you gotta give him that.

Theo recorded Kira speaking Japanese while she slept because he's a creeper. It's probably best to assume everything Theo says is a lie, especially his translation of Kira's sleep talking. His overall goal seems to be to cause chaos in the pack, and driving a wedge between Scott and Kira is one way to do that. Do you think, "I am the messenger of death," is actually what Kira says in her sleep?

With Malia, Theo was in shirtless, workout, seduction mode. It almost worked on Malia, but his smug face probably hurt him. It's hard to tell if Theo's interest in Malia is innocent, meaning he actually likes her and isn't trying to seduce her to accomplish anything else. They do have chemistry, and he has kept her Desert Wolf secret. Do you think Theo really does like Malia?

Theo killed a chimera in front of Stiles, and then told him to keep quiet because he knows about Donovan. Okay, Stiles, I'm going to need your suspicious nature to kick into overdrive. Last I checked, Theo wasn't anywhere near the library whenever Stiles accidentally killed Donovan (which Stiles really should mention to someone). Other than that flaw, Theo's plan to save Stiles' life to deflect suspicion would have been perfect.

I don't know if I can trust her anymore.


While Theo is certainly doing his best to disrupt the pack, they are doing a good job themselves at self destruction. Everyone is keeping secrets from each other. Stiles, for some unfathomable reason, isn't telling Scott about Donovan. He also didn't tell Malia or his father when he had a clear opportunity to do so. Scott is keeping things from Kira. Malia isn't confiding in Stiles about her Desert Wolf memory. No one is communicating, and there's no clear reason why they aren't.

Liam's interactions with Hayden really weren't all that entertaining. Sure, they are cute, but other than that, watching them together was just okay. The kidney transplant "twist" was unnecessarily dramatic. It came out of nowhere and made things get a little somber. However, if Hayden is a chimera, maybe her surgery was how the Dread Doctors got to her. Do you think Hayden is a chimera or is she something else?

Well, I hope you enjoyed me filling in for Jen this week. What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments. Don't forget you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

Required Reading Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Scott, I came here to find a pack. I wasn't planning on watching one fall apart.


We never should have read that book.