iZombie Season 2: Robert Knepper Joins as Blaine's Dad

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Life isn't the only thing that will be getting Blaine down when iZombie returns this fall.

Robert Knepper (Prison Break, Arrow) has been cast as Blaine's dad on iZombie Season 2, EW reports, and he's not all that impressed with his son.

Angus is described as a polished, articulate and successful businessman who sees Blaine as a lifelong disappointment.

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Apparently, daddy dearest has spent a lot of money on Blaine, and funded many unsuccessful business ventures, only to discover his son is back with his hand held out once again.

Of course, after the events at the end of iZombie Season 1, essentially robbing Blaine from everything that made Blaine, well, Blaine, he's likely to be suffering a little financial downturn. As we can all tell attest, sometimes being human is a bitch!

It will be fun to get a little more insight into this human side of Blaine, don't you think? Knepper is a great addition to the cast and imagining him working side by side with David Anders is pretty cool.

If you have yet to catch up on the fun, do it now! Watch iZombie online via TV Fanatic!

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