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Things got heated between Dov and Chloe, Sam and Andy made wedding plans and Marlo had her baby…with a little help from Andy in Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 9.

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Whitney Evans, Elizabeth Harlow and Christine Orlando debate who should be invited to the wedding, whether Oliver belongs back on the street, and try and pick a name for Sam and Marlo’s baby after “Ninety Degrees.”

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Was it okay for Andy to ask that Marlo not be invited to her and Sam’s wedding?

Allison: Completely okay. Andy will always be a little wary of Marlo and Sam's relationship because they will always have one. Andy wanted her wedding to be special. A day where she didn't have to worry about anything. A day just about her and Sam. If Andy had demanded Marlo not come to the wedding, that would be another thing, but she asked Sam if it was okay.

Whitney: I thought it was totally okay. Your wedding day is seriously the one day in your life where it should be all about you and the person you're marrying. If someone being there is going to take away from the specialness that day represents, then I think it's okay to ask that that person not be there. 

Elizabeth: Of course it's fine. If Marlo wasn't pregnant, she wouldn't be invited. If she didn't want the baby there (for any reason other than being a baby who wouldn't be aware that it is), that wouldn't be okay. But Marlo is an ex, and should have no personal expectation of an invite. 

Christine: I think it was okay. Like Allison pointed it, she asked if Sam was okay with it, she didn’t demand anything, and it’s understandable that she not want Sam’s most recent ex at their wedding. It really would be kind of awkward. 

Do you want to see Oliver behind that podium or back out on the streets?

Allison: I loved seeing Oliver back in his blues and working closely with everyone, but I think he's happier behind the podium. He may not want to admit it, but he loves his white shirt. I think he'll be back there soon.

Whitney: It was kind of odd to see him back on the streets because he really does seem so natural behind the podium. I think he'll go back to the white shirt eventually, but he needs some time. 

Elizabeth: I miss him on the streets, but I think he really found his calling behind the podium. But I did like him paired with Diaz, who hasn't been having an easy time for the past couple of seasons. Oliver could be a steadying influence. 

Christine: I understand his need to feel things are normal once again, but he really is great behind the podium. The 15 Division needs him leading the entire team, and Oliver is darn good at it. 

Should Traci have read Steve’s letter?

Allison: Honestly, I don't know. It's hard to put yourself in Traci's shoes. Maybe she should have saved Steve's letter to read some day when she's ready. I don't know if she would have been up for reading the letter right then and there, but maybe one day she would be open to hearing what he had to say.

Whitney: I don't blame her for not wanting to read it, but I sure did want to know what was in it! The last thing Traci needs to hear right now though is "I'm sorry" and "I love you". She's trying to recover and pick up the pieces and that kind of stuff doesn't help that process. 

Elizabeth: She doesn't owe him anything, but I would probably cave to curiosity. 

Christine: I completely understand her not reading it. She’s trying to move on and reading his words will probably only make that harder. But I wish we had gotten to hear what Steve wanted to say to her. I’m truly curious. 

Pick a name for Sam and Marlo’s little girl.

Allison: Too much pressure! I honestly expected them to name her Sylvia right there in Sylvia's apartment. I hope the two of them name her something meaningful and adorable. Yes, I'm rambling around the question. I just can't decide on a name.

Whitney: Annabelle. I have no idea why, but I think it's a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. 

Elizabeth: I am so bad at this game! I'm sentimental, but no one important has died recently to name her after. Maybe a feminized version of Jerry? That would be sweet. 

Christine: When Andy was throwing out names during the birth, she mentioned Maya, and for some reason I thought that sounded perfect. I love finding out what people name their kids because it’s such a personal decision. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate Dov and Chloe’s kiss.

Allison: 10, hands down. I've missed these two cuties.

Whitney: 7. I was never their biggest fan, but it was a pretty good kiss. 

Elizabeth: 8. "I hate that I'll never be married to you first" was a great line. 

Christine: 9. Dov definitely did it right, and I have to agree with Elizabeth. “I hate that I’ll never be married to you first” was a killer line. Go Dov!

Was there anything in Ninety Degrees that disappointed you?

Allison: The case at Lakehurst really wasn't anything special. As soon as Sadie popped up, it was pretty clear she was involved somehow.

Whitney: I didn't love the way Traci treated Gail, considering how long they've known each other. But then again, when your world is turned upside down, it's hard to judge a person's initial reaction. 

Elizabeth: Nothing was too terrible, but there was some bad decision making. Taking Marlo to go after a woman who's in crisis over her husband leaving her to have a baby with someone else. Dov and Chloe just letting that stalker go. That one really did bother me since that's the kind of thing that can escalate. Hope it doesn't come back to bite them in the ass. 

Christine: Dov and Chloe letting creepy stalker guy go. I know he hadn’t done anything illegal, but his fixation was scary. Maybe they could have at least given Bree a heads up.

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Allison: Definitely Dov's speech to Chloe at the end. He had been holding in all his anger (and love) for so long. It was great that he finally said everything he needed to say. Also, Chloe was absolutely adorable during the whole thing, especially when she was just like, "go ahead," to tell Dov to use his inhaler.

Whitney: Marlo's birth scene was nicely done and Andy handled things really well. Sam seeing his daughter for the first time was a beautiful moment as well.

Elizabeth: I really liked Marlo and Andy in the car together. Not only was Marlo on point about perceptions of mental illness vs physical illness, but I thought it was attempt at bonding between the two of them. If Andy and Sam are going to make it, they will continue to be in each other's lives, so that's important. 

Christine: I really appreciate that Marlo and Andy don’t hate one another and aren’t catty with one another. There are no bad guys here, and although things are awkward, I like that all of the characters are doing their best to act like adults in a difficult situation. 

Need more of Blue? Check back on Thursday for our review of Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 9, and if that’s not enough, you can always watch Rookie Blue online here at TV Fanatic. 

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