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Gail brings Traci a letter from Steve but Traci refuses to read it.

Detective Anderson spends the day at 15 Division and gives Gail a hard time for being a Peck. Anderson worked with Steve on many of her cases and now they are all being reviewed. 

Oliver is back. He’s decided to step down from the podium and go back out on the street. He’s partnered with Diaz. Jarvis encourages Oliver to take back the Sergeant’s position. 

Andy asks Sam that Marlo not be invited to their wedding. Sam agrees. 

The reception area of 15 Division is being used as a public cooling station during a heat wave. Dov and Chloe are assigned to man the front desk and Dov is ticked off about the lame assignment and he and Chloe snipe at one another. A man comes to the desk and is worried about his girlfriend who has asthma and isn’t picking up her phone. Dov and Chloe accompany him to the apartment only to learn the man doesn’t live with her.

Turns out it isn’t even his girlfriend, just a woman in his building who he is having an imaginary relationship with. Later, Chloe pushes Dov to say what he feels and get mad at her. He finally lets loose about everything he’s angry about: her secret marriage, her kissing Wes, her lying to him, and that he’ll never be her first husband. Then he kisses her. 

There’s a stabbing at the facility where Marlo goes for her group therapy. No one saw anything. Sam, Nick, and Duncan continue to investigate while Andy goes with Marlo to check on Sylvia, another woman from group therapy who had threatened to kill her husband just before the attack.

Sam sees Sadie, someone who’s been a witness for him in the past and seems to be getting her life back on track. The dead man, Alan, was stabbed for his money. Eventually Sam realizes that there is a drug problem in the facility when another patient has a heroin overdose. 

When Sam finds out that Sadie only comes to the center ever other Thursday, the same day the disability checks come out, he realizes she is selling the drugs which he finds in her purse. Sadie turns in Dan, as the man who stabbed Alan. He did it for the money to buy drugs from Sadie.

Andy and Marlo find Sylvia’s husband. He left Sylvia because he didn’t want to have a baby with someone who was bipolar and he just told Sylvia that his new girlfriend is pregnant. Marlo realizes that Sylvia is suicidal and she and Andy head to Sylvia’s new address. 

Marlo gets Sylvia off the balcony but then the woman grabs a knife. When Marlo goes into labor, Sylvia locks herself in the bathroom with the knife. 

With the elevators out due to a power outage, Andy has to help deliver the baby. Eventually Sylvia comes out to help. Sam and the ambulance arrive after the baby is born. At the hospital, Andy feels out of place with Sam, Marlo and their little girl. 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Come on Diaz. Those bad guys ain't going to come to us.

Oliver Shaw

Chris: A boring day means you've done your job and you get to go home.
Oliver: That is my line. That's my line.