Blindspot Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

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Did you fall for Jane Doe as much as I did?

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 1 introduced us to an intriguing young woman who has no clue who she really is, but as exciting as the concept is, I can't be the only one wondering how the show will manage to sustain the storyline beyond the initial 13 episode order. 

I mean, there's only so many cases that can be tattooed over Jane's body, right? It sure looks like her body has all the clues to lead us to the land of answers. 

The Mystery Woman - Blindspot

Jaimie Alexander has been a firm favorite of mine since her days on ABC Family's Kyle XY. You could argue that she's playing a similar character here, but this show is way more adult than Kyle XY ever was. The raw emotion Alexander puts into this role should easily earn her some nominations for best actress. Yes, she's THAT good. 

This really is the role of a lifetime to showcase her talent, and it's helped by the solid writing. Just look at the scene with her miraculously realizing she knew Kung Fu. 

The rest of the acting was average. There were no other characters that really stuck out. To be fair, none of the others were exactly likeable. Look for that to change in the next few weeks as their layers are peeled back. 

Madison was the only other one that showed much promise. She was nice enough to Jane and made it her mission to come to a conclusion about what's going on with her. I don't think she realized the severity of the situation until Jane came clean about all the tattoo being done at once. Double ouch!

Jane showing up at Times Square in a bag was always going to be a little out there, but the way the opening scenes were produced created an immersive experience for us at home and felt more like a movie. 

Jane's life is pretty much in pieces at this stage, and although her relationship with Kurt may seem a little forced, it's obvious the two of them are going to share a strong bond, whether he's one of the bad guys or not. 

With Greg Berlanti attached to the show, it was just a matter of time before the high octane action sequences he is known for made an appearance. The scenes on the subway weren't the best showcase of this. It would have been more realistic had there been some fatalities in those scenes. I do understand that the point of the scene was that they got the video in time, but the stakes would have been raised that little bit more had we lost someone. 

I'm not entirely sold on Kurt's boss either. Like I said, these characters are going to take some getting used to. The main storyline appears to involve us discovering Jane's identity and why she is in her current predicament. 

We do know that someone is totally watching her and pulling the strings, but that's about all we know right now. 

All things considered, this was a decent premiere. Going forward, I'd like the pace to slow down and actually give us time to digest what happened in the previous scene. Too much happened for an opener, and I'd have preferred an easier introduction to the supporting players. With the right amount of fine tuning, NBC will have a hit on their hands. 

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What did you think of the episode? Did you like the supporting cast? What's your theory about Jane? Hit the comments below.

Note: Blindspot Season 1 Episode 2 airs Monday September 28 at 10/9C on NBC.

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Someone did this to me. Took away my whole life and I can't do anything about it.


Jane: Please take him alive. He's the only one that might have answers.
Kurt: We'll try our best.