The Walking Dead Season 6 Casts Xander Berkeley in Mystery Role

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Xander Berkeley will be continuing his journey through pop culture television by joining the cast of The Walking Dead Season 6.

Although the role is currently a mystery, TVLine confirmed who he is not playing – bad guy Negan. His character does, however, share some similar traits, such as a big ego, narcissism and self preservation.

He also enjoys the feeling of superiority that comes with being in charge, but plays it off with a car salesman like charm. Lovely!

Xander Berkeley

By eliminating the possibility of Berkeley's character being Negan, fans immediately hit the internet with another possibility ripped from the pages of the comics.

Gregory is the extremely vain and self-absorbed leader of the Hilltop Colony. Cowardly by nature, he's still believed by many to be the best leader they have. He's known for deluding himself regarding his cowardice by believing his decisions are made in the best interest of the Colony when they're really made in the best interest of himself.

Will Berkeley be taking on the role of Gregory when he joins The Walking Dead? It's certainly a possibility, as he's not only recurring for Season 6 but has an option to become a series regular for The Walking Dead Season 7. They have big plans in mind for the actor and the character!

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The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Oct. 11 at 9/8c.

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