Blindspot Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Bone May Rot

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Can the real Taylor Shaw please stand up?

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 4 put Patterson's initial observation that Jane was Taylor Shaw in some serious doubt. We all thought this was going to happen, right? Sigh. 

According to Patterson's latest finds, Jane was actually born in Africa. This leads us to a dilemma. If she really was born in Africa, then there's not a chance in hell she's Taylor Shaw. There's no way her parents could have gotten her back to the US in time without everyone knowing otherwise. 

I can't help but feel a little let down by this development. There is still chance she's Taylor, but when these reveals are ruled irrelevant a mere week later, it kind of makes them redundant in the grand scheme of things. They're merely used for shock value. That could ultimately make or break this show. 

There's every possibility that Mayfair got involved and tampered with some of the evidence because of the pressure she is under. Heck, she even has dirt on Patterson, so she could have been blackmailed. It was a little too convoluted that Patterson blatantly admitted to speaking with someone about the evidence.

Patterson is a smart woman, so I'm putting this down to just plain bad writing for her character.

When I say it's too dangerous, it's too dangerous.


The case of the week was very interesting. It's not very often we see cases involving bio terrorism on TV, so it was pretty different than anything else you'd find on a procedural. Frank was a little predictable, purely because we only met a handful of others at the company.

Whoever is doing this to Jane really had big plans for her. 

Frank: Rebecca and I spent our entire lives studying viruses. You know what the greatest threat to mankind is? Modern medicine.
Kurt: Stop. Don't move.
Frank: We create all these medicines. Antibiotics. Cures for diseases that should never be cured. This planet was not designed for 8 billion people.

How did they know she'd go to the company? How did they even know that Patterson would be so efficient at cracking everything? This was obviously an inside job and as we get closer to the truth, a lot of people we know and grow to love are going to be pulled into this mystery.

I have a feeling Mayfair will emerge as anything but the villain and will ultimately be the one finding us the truth. 

It's obviously unsettling for Kurt to find out Jane may not be Taylor. The mystery of where that girl disappeared to was always going to haunt him because of his father's apparent involvement in it. How does he even begin to tell Jane? Either way you look at it, Jane is back to square one. She's going to have no clue who she is again, and it sucks to be her right now. 

The episode titles being anagrams for something relating to the episode is a smart trick, but this one flat out told us Jane probably isn't Taylor Shaw, so I would be happy if they cut these going forward.

It was about time the show started to flesh out the supporting characters, and they became instantly more likeable. Tasha obviously has some deep, dark secrets behind that beautiful exterior, and I can't wait to see what's coming next for her and the others. 

"Bone May Rot" was a decent installment. It was a bit of a misstep from Blindspot Season 1 Episode 3, but the show is still finding its feet. Let's hope we get an improved hour with Blindspot Season 1 Episode 5. 

What did you think of the episode? Is there a chance Jane is still Taylor? How will Kurt take the news? Hit the comments below!

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Bone May Rot Review

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Edgar: Honestly, the idea of having her armed in the field is making me nervous.
Kurt: She can handle herself.

When I say it's too dangerous, it's too dangerous.