19 Characters Who Are Just Too Hot To Handle

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Don't turn that channel!

That's the reaction we have when these hotties appear on the screen. Yes, we watch TV for entertainment, but what's the point of watching if we don't get some eye candy along the way?

Fall TV brought a lot of new, sexy people our way, but that's not to say Jamal from Empire, or Hanna from Pretty Little Liars lost their looks. Not at all, But they have gotten considerably more competition than they had in the past! 

Intrigued yet? Have a look through our gallery for all of the hot GIFS. If abs, beautiful smiles and just generally pretty people are your thing, then look no further!

1. Alex - Quantico

Alex - Quantico
Priyanka Chopra is turning in a first class performance as the seductive Alex on ABC's sole freshman hit. In her first scenes, we witnessed her testing a suspension a car – that pun was totally intended!

2. Frank - How To Get Away With Murder

Frank - How To Get Away With Murder
ABC's sophomore hit is dialling up the sex factor this year and so far it has resulted in the very sexy Frank in some compromising positions. Cold blooded killer you say? Who isn't on this show!

3. Beckett - Castle

Beckett - Castle
The show may be taking questionable, contrived risks in order to ramp up the drama, but the Queen of the cops is still looking might fine, eight seasons in. The bigger question is, will we be seeing her and Castle get between the sheets again before us fans disappear?

4. Stefan - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan - The Vampire Diaries
We know he's like totally taken by Caroline, but that doesn't mean we can't look, right? Elena was stupid to ditch him because he's far more interesting than Damon. Why does Damon get all the love? Team Stefan!

5. Chanel - Scream Queens

Chanel - Scream Queens
Chanel is one of those characters you love to hate. She's as treacherous as they come, but her looks can pretty much get her anything she wants. If you've got it, flaunt it, right? Who will she hook up with before the season is over?

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