Bones Round Table: Why Did Booth Lie?

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Booth left for work and didn’t come back on Bones Season 11 Episode 1, as Brennan was left to wonder why her husband also left his wedding ring behind.

Below TV Fanatics Ashley Summered and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam from Castle Bones Radio to debate whether Booth should have told Brennan the truth, Agent Miller’s attitude and whether or not Cam will say yes to Arastoo’s proposal after "The Loyalty in the Lie."

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Should Booth have shared Jared’s issues with Brennan?

Ashley: Yes, I think he should have, though I do understand why he didn't. 

Pam: Yes, the lies will hurt their marriage in the end. Look what happened with the gambling arc. If he would have told her she wouldn't have let him get involved so he went behind her back and now he will have to deal with her anger and it will cause  trust problems. He is her rock and now her rock isn't solid.

Christine: Absolutely. I’m sure he has his reasons but between his gambling issues last season and now this, there’s no way Brennan’s trust in him hasn’t been eroded. 

Do you think Arastoo is up for the job of taking over for Brennan?

Ashley: I don't think *anyone* is up for the job of taking over for Brennan. I do think Arastoo would do an amazing job, but I also think he's still too new at all of this. 

Pam: No, I think he is good but he is not up to Brennan's caliber; One day he will be. He needs more time to learn and to grow. He put Bones in needless agony by making mistakes as gravely as stating the body is Booth's, "This is your husband."  If this has been said to anyone besides Brennan can you say LAWSUIT?

Christine: I agree with Ashley that no one is up for taking over for Brennan. Arastoo is good but not nearly as thorough as Brennan and he put her through a lot of heartache because of that. 

Will Arastoo actually propose? Will Cam say yes?

Ashley: I'll just say this: I would love to see that happen. I think they're an interesting couple, and I'd love to see what their wedding would be like. 

Pam: Yes, He didn't seem to pick up on Cam's "let's not go there " look. She  may not want marriage but she does seem to really love him. She may just want to be his partner but not commit to a marriage. She will most likely turn him down and try to not hurt him, but she will and it will effect their relationship in the near future.

Christine: I don’t know. I think he’s going to ask but I’m not sure what Cam will say. I’d be happy to see them marry but as Pam says, I’m not entirely sure that’s what Cam wants right now. 

Were you surprised that Agent Miller automatically treated Booth like a suspect?

Ashley: A little, only because we just got over the idea that he could be dead. But this isn't the first time he's been treated that way, so I didn't find it altogether surprising. 

Pam: It was a sudden move from the get-go. As soon as she saw Caroline and Aubrey she was jumping on Booth's case. I felt invisible warning signs popping up all over this episode. I think her missing partner may be one of the five men in Booth's new "project" or a dead man and she needs Booth to either solve what happened and lead her to her partner or she is a baddie wanting to find Booth and blame him for her partner missing. She could also be a mole and have something to do with Jared's death. The FBI haven't been trustworthy of late, where Booth is concerned.

Christine: She came in with guns blazing for Booth, immediately implying that he was in the wrong. It was odd so there must be an underlying reason for it. With her partner missing, you’d think she’d have more sympathy for Booth’s team, not less but it seems there’s a lot of information that’s yet to be revealed. 

Was there anything about “The Loyalty in the Lie” that disappointed you?

Ashley: Honestly, no! I think it was a really wonderful season premiere, and I think it's setting us up for a good season. It all feels new and fresh, while also returning to some old dynamics. 

Pam: That it wasn't a two hour premiere after ten seasons Fox owes them that much. They are a legend and should have been given a two hour kick butt premiere. Bravo to all involved with this episode though.

Christine: I hated seeing Brennan have to suffer through thinking her husband was dead and then wondering what he was hiding from her. That said, the performances were wonderful and I look forward to seeing what comes next. 

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Ashley: Brennan examining the bones. It's scenes like this that I feel have been missing for a while, so I loved watching her spend time with the bones  and allow the bones to tell her a story -- this one being especially personal and emotional. It was beautiful.

Pam: Bones looking at what she thinks is the love of her life's body, her beloved husband and thinking back to their first kiss and to their relationship , trying to grasp that this is him in front of her what is left of the man she loves. She’s trying not to feel pain and to dissociate the body from her husband so she can work the bones for identity clarification and to keep fear, panic and above all anger from setting in at him for leaving her and their children. It's a great scene.

Christine: I liked the joy of the opening scene where Booth and Brennan are enjoying their family. Booth having to duck while changing his son’s diaper and calling him a sharp shooter like his Dad was really cute. 

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