11 Pilot Episodes That Helped Current Hit Shows Fly High

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Some shows just can't be stopped. 

We do Throwback Thursday posts and some of the shows we cover within them aren't on the air any longer, but they've gone on and off the air within the time some of the long-running series on this list have been airing. 

That almost sounds like a tongue twister, but it's just the truth. The Simpsons has been airing longer than some of you have been alive, the same is likely true for Law & Order: SVU. 

The way NCIS is going, it seems there's little doubt it will join the ranks, and The CW has rolled out the red carpet for Supernatural to be around as long as the leads want to continue. Not bad!

Revisit with us what's already on the air this Throwback Thursday!

1. "Flowers For Your Grave" - Castle - 3/9/2009

"Flowers For Your Grave" - Castle - 3/9/2009
Castle's first episode, "Flowers For Your Grave" aired on 3/9/2009. Eight years later and fans are finally looking forward to seeing Rick Castle and Kate Beckett move forward as a married couple. That's something that started out as a lovely flirtation in the premiere, when Castle, suffering from a bit of writer's block discovers inspiration in Beckett as she investigates a murder that appears to be based off of one of his novels. His fliration with her fails, but she inspires him to write. He'll base his next series of novels on a certain pretty detective he's come to know – but he needs to do more research. Of course, we always knew it wasn't just inspiration he saw in Beckett! Castle returns 9/21.2015

2. "Pilot" - The Big Bang Theory - 9/24/2007

"Pilot" - The Big Bang Theory - 9/24/2007
Penny moved in across the hall from roommates Leonard and Sheldon in the pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory on 9/24/2007 and the lives of our lovable nerds were never the same again. It's taken nine years, but when the series returns this fall Leonard and Penny will be on their way to the alter. Will they go through with it? Howard, who began as the lonely wannabe ladies man is now married and must figure out how to send the new lonely guy, Stuart, packing. Sheldon has come a long way from the guy no one ever thought would ever be interested in anyone to buying an engagement ring for Amy. Raj has overcome the selective mutism that plagued him from the beginning, but will he be brave enough to tell Emily how he truly feels in Season 9? The Big Bang Theory returns Tues 9/22/2015

3. "Yankee White" - NCIS - 9/23/2003

"Yankee White" - NCIS - 9/23/2003
The premiere episode of NCIS, airing on 9/23/2003, is titled "Yankee White" and introduces Caitlin "Kate" Todd, who is new to the team that was introduced on Jag Season 8. The story is that a Navy Commander dies on US Airforce One and the team is sent to help. During the hour, the first three of Gibbs' Rules are introduced. The episode was seen by 13.4 million viewers and garnered an 8.4 rating, to show how different TV is now than it was 13 seasons ago! Although it's still one of the highest rated shows on TV, it now gets about 2.5 share with 15 million viewers. WOW!! NCIS Tues Returns 9/22/2015

4. "Pilot" - Modern Family 9/23/2009

"Pilot" - Modern Family 9/23/2009
In the series premiere of Modern Family, which aired on 9/23/2009, we were introduced to Jay Pritchett, his wife Gloria and all of his children and grandchildren as three interesting unique families all born of Jay in some way make up one big family. The series has been nominated for awards annually ever since and continued to make us laugh for all six seasons, no doubt right through Season 7 and beyond. Modern Family returns Wed 9/23/2015

5. "Payback" - Law & Order: SVU - 9/20/1999

"Payback" - Law & Order: SVU - 9/20/1999
The first Law & Order spinoff premiered on 9/20/1999. "Payback" featured a case in which a cab driver was murdered and castrated. Olivia Benson became personally involved when she realized that cab driver was a rapist and murderer himself. It's hard to believe (and somewhat disheartening) that we'll be on Season 17 when the series returns this fall, meaning there are more special victims cases than we care to think about, right? Thank goodness Benson has been on the case all along. Law & Order: SVU returns Wed 9/23/2015

6. "A Hard Day's Night" - Grey's Anatomy - 3/27/2005

"A Hard Day's Night" - Grey's Anatomy - 3/27/2005
On March 27, 2005, "A Hard Day's Night" gave viewers their first look into Seattle Grace and the five surgical interns we grew to love. It initiated Meredith and Derek's romantic relationship, sparked the friendship of the "twisted sisters," gave George his endearing "007" nickname, and revealed that Meredith's mother suffered from Alzheimer's. When the series picks up this fall, Meredith will be navigating the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital without her husband or her best friend by her side. At least there will be somewhat of a return to roots for the show when Meredith moves back into her old house, this time with Maggie and Amelia as her roommates. Twelve Seasons and Grey's will still be running strong! Grey's Anatomy returns Thurs 9/24/2015

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