Chicago PD Round Table: How Far Will Voight Go?

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We're back for another Chicago PD Round Table!

On Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 3, Mouse finds himself in a scary situation but manages to keep it under control as the rest of his team works to get him out of it. 

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Ann to discuss what they would do in Frazier's situation, how they felt about Mouse taking center stage, and how far Voight will go for revenge. 

Chicago PD 1-27-15

What did you think of Mouse taking center stage this week?

Elizabeth: Eh. I didn't hate it, I didn't love it. I was impressed with him at the end, but I'm just not invested in him.

Ann: Mouse Hummm, I liked the fact that he came into play. I think it was an awesome episode. The communication between Mouse & Frazier was great. Them both being soldiers and Mouse picked up on that real quick. I liked the way Mouse was able to get him to talk about himself. But I like Mouse, hope he is in more episodes like this one.

Stacy: I wasn't invested in him before this episode, but I am more so now. He held his own pretty well, and I liked his storyline.

What would you have done if you were in Frazier's shoes?

Elizabeth: I understand his desperation, but an appeal to public opinion would probably have been my first move. Or hiring a private investigator or something. He's lucky it worked out the way it did.

Ann: Knowing that his daughter was somewhere in Chicago and not being able to do anything about it would drive him insane. Knowing that Sarah's credit card had been used, I would have gone to the credit card company and tried from there. I think he actually thought Sarah was dead and just didn't care if he died or not.

Stacy: A lot has to go wrong for someone to resort to pulling a gun on a precinct. I like Elizabeth's private detective idea, but I also probably would have tried to go up the ranks in the police department until someone listened.

How far will Voight go to get revenge for that car bomb?

Elizabeth: I think the better question is can anything stop him from getting revenge. Voight would hold a hell of a vendetta if the attack was just on him, but with that (perfectly chubby-cheeked) baby involved...

Ann: Well first of all they shouldn't have let that person out of prison why, because Bunny vouched for him, someone needs to seriously take a strong look at her and her motives. I think she wants Hank dead, and I don't think she will stop until she accomplishes that. How did he find out where Hank lived? This stinks like Bunny, and if it is, God help her, Hank will do some serious damage to that witch. She is probably behind it all; wouldn't surprise me. She has no one but herself to blame about Erin.

Stacy: Normally it's "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," but Bunny doesn't know what she's up against in Voight. Like Elizabeth said, I am not sure anything can stop him from getting revenge. If anyone has a shot at getting through to him, it's probably Lindsay.

Will Olinsky work things out with his family?

Elizabeth: Oh Olinsky. You seriously need to take some Dale Carnegie classes or something. That was the worst possible way to tell his family. Still I have hope for the family. His wife has proven herself to be a generous, forgiving person in the past.

Ann: WOW this was a hard one to read. I think after his family really has a chance to let it soak in, they will not be like 'Oh honey come on in to our family' type of thing but possibly his daughter will make a move to become friends. Or maybe Antonio can help this work out for all involved.

Stacy: I think it is going to take some time, but eventually I think his wife will forgive him and let him back in. I wouldn't be surprised if his daughter moves in with them, too. I am curious to see where Olinsky ends up staying in the meantime. Maybe he'll start sleeping at Antonio's gym.

What was your favorite quote/scene?

Elizabeth: The episode worked really well as a whole, but the scene that stood out to me the most was Antonio and Olinsky's daughter at the gym – which I had totally forgotten about! Antonio may be able to give what she needs where Olinsky can't, and he could be the bridge those two need.

Ann: When Frazier and Sarah were together on the subway, and the guys were on the outside. I liked that they gave him a lot of privacy so they could work through that part. He was there for her and I liked that. Also, I liked the end where Hank talked to Mouse and Mouse said that the gun was not loaded, when in fact it had been the whole time, and I think at that point Hank knew Mouse was going to be an asset to his team.

Stacy: I loved Mouse standing up for his boss. This was my favorite quote: 

Frazier: Your sergeant looking for Sarah, can I trust him?
Mouse: Hank Voight? Picking his district was about the only thing you did right today.

Did anything disappoint you?

Elizabeth: I expected to have Bunny's accusations and Voight's defense of himself drawn out a little more.

Ann: Well, I was hoping that Hank would actually confront Bunny but that didn't happen, but she was, by association, responsible for the car blowing up.

Stacy: I want to know what Will was about to say to Lindsay, but I'm sure that will come up again soon

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Frazier: Your sergeant looking for Sarah, can I trust him?
Mouse: Hank Voight? Picking his district was about the only thing you did right today.

Bunny: i had it under control.
Lindsay: Which part? The part where your boyfriend was about to kill us with a sawed off shot gun before Hank showed up?