Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Was Jo Out of Line?

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Bailey is back to doing what she does best: acting as a mentor.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3, she tries teaching Meredith a new lesson, while Alex deals with some serious struggles of this own.

Join TV Fanatic writers Elizabeth Harlow, Stacy Glanzman, Ashley Bissette Sumerel for a discussion of "I Choose You." Let's do this!

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Now that we've really had a chance to get to know Maggie, how do you feel about her character?

Elizabeth: I love Maggie so much. I still miss Lexie, and I think it's weird the other sister and her baby disappeared, but I'm glad Meredith still has sisters in her life. One of the best aspects of Grey's is how the show that family is what you make of it, so she helps bring that dynamic back to the screen. She's also goofy and awkward and hilarious.

Stacy: New characters on Grey's have always needed time to grow on me. Rarely have I liked them out of the gate, and Maggie was no exception. I wasn't a big fan of her last season, but over the last couple of episodes I've really started to like her. She's awesome, but I still hate April. She'll never grow on me. 

Ashley: Alright, first of all, to Elizabeth's comment about the other sister... I forgot there was another one! So, maybe that's a problem. To the question, I love Maggie to pieces now, and when we first met her, I really didn't think I would ever say that.

Should Jo have been upset with Alex over the embryos?

Elizabeth: Can I just say how excited I was for the embryos to come back into play? I really, really hope this isn't the last we hear of them. I get that Jo was shocked, but she didn't handle the situation very well. She's old enough to know that every relationship is different. Alex and Izzie had known each other for much longer, and were married, and she was facing possible sterility and maybe even death. Those were all huge factors, and Jo's timing sucked to boot.

Stacy: I can see why she was upset, but I'm not a big fan of the playing with his head thing. If you have something to say, just come out and say it. That scene in the elevator was unfair. I can't blame her for wanting to know where they stand though. Thanks to last season's time jump, they've been together a long time, and if marriage and kids haven't come up yet, she's not wrong for wanting to have that conversation. I do agree that she could have handled it better.

Ashley: I think she had a right to be upset, but I agree with Stacy that she didn't handle it well. Though, it's definitely a unique situation. And, as Elizabeth says, I was also really glad to have that come back up in the story!

What did you think of Bailey's "lesson" for Meredith?

Elizabeth: Since we don't know the exact numbers, I can't say if the lowball offer was just low or sexist low. I do get Bailey wanting Meredith to stand up for herself, but it maybe wasn't the most effective method to achieve that. It was pure luck that Maggie saw the contract and Mer figured out there was something off. Without wage transparency, people don't always know they're being undervalued. It also didn't really end up being a negotiation.

Stacy: I was thinking the same thing Elizabeth! If Meredith hadn't shown Maggie the contract, Bailey's lesson would have completely failed. There's no way Bailey could have known Meredith would show it to someone, and that was not a smart way to try to teach her to stand up for herself. Also, Meredith has given us plenty of examples that she's capable of doing that. Remember last week on the stairs? How she got this job in the first place?

Ashley: I was just glad to see the old dynamic of Bailey mentoring Meredith.

What was your favorite quote or scene from "I Choose You?"

Elizabeth: Ugh, Alex holding little Daniel at the end wrecked me. But drink Maggie was amazing.

Stacy: I was cracking up at Maggie's Battlestar Galactica comments and saying she can't have sex with a Cylon and Amelia saying she's not the crazy sister. That whole scene was hilarious.

Ashley: Definitely Maggie's drunken Battlestar Galactica comments. So funny!

What were your overall impressions of this episode?

Elizabeth: It was nice to see Alex really come into his own, and step up and be the grown up person. I thought there were some plot holes with the contract story -- it also had me questioning yet again why Arizona needs a roommate. Maybe she has a gambling problem or something?

Stacy: It was the best one of the season so far. I love the ones that tug at the heartstrings and I always love Alex-centric episodes. April is still annoying me though. Why won't she just give Jackson the space he asked for? She's just making things worse.

Ashley: I loved this episode. It really did feel like what Grey's Anatomy used to be like. I have high hopes for the rest of the season.

What did you think of this episode of Grey's Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below, while taking a look ahead to Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 4:

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