How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Love Is In The Air

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Have you recovered from that Laurel and Frank scene?

Man, that was one sexy scene and our round table participants are still talking about it. They're also talking about two other couples who made major strides in their respective relationships on How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 5. But who had the sweeter scene?

TV Fanatics Rachel Miller, Miranda Wicker, Amanda Steinmetz and Whitney Evans debate all that goodness, along with Asher's hard choice and Rebecca's missing body! 

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What was your favorite quote or scene?

Rachel: Bonnie telling Asher that she was the one that killed Sam. She is one hell of an actress and is quick to think on her feet. I still think Bonnie is trying to redeem herself with Annalise, so she will do whatever it takes to win her trust again.

Miranda: Laurel and Frank in the basement. Seems like the threat of impending imprisonment might heighten the senses just a bit, so I mean, yeah, get it in while you can, Laurel. (TWSS. Literally.)

Amanda: I have to go with Laurel and Frank in the basement too. HOT!

Whitney: I liked Annalise trying to get information out of Nate and him completely spurning her. The two men she thinks she can manipulate the easiest are really giving her a run for her money these days.

Better I love you: Connor to Oliver or Bonnie to Asher?

Rachel: Connor to Oliver. Connor was a pretty promiscuous character at the beginning of the series and to see that he decided to give up his old ways to only be with Oliver shows that he truly cares for the guy. It was nice to see Connor finally express his true feelings to Oliver.

Miranda: Connor to Oliver for sure. I've loved watching Connor's development, so seeing him be open and honest with Oliver was a great moment. I also loved that they had to leave the "I love you" lingering. Oliver couldn't say it back.

Amanda: Definitely Connor to Oliver. I agree that Connor's development from playboy to devoted boyfriend as been really sweet. However, now I'm worried something might happen to Oliver now that Connor has let himself be so vulnerable.

Whitney: I am far from a Bonnie and Asher fan, but there was something poignant about all of their scenes. It could be that Liza Weil is such a terrific actress that she just sold every emotion that Bonnie was going through.

Were you surprised by any of Asher's decisions?

Rachel: Honestly, I wasn’t. There is a reason why the group continues to keep Asher out of their business; they don’t trust him. Asher will do whatever it takes to keep his name out of incriminating mess, even if it means turning against his girlfriend, Bonnie.

Miranda: I'm undecided on this one. Asher is a total wild card, so no one should trust him. I'm more interested in his scene from the end than what's going down with his testimony and immunity. Ultimately, Asher wants to be a good guy, and he's not yet able to accept that sometimes good people do bad things, but I think he's getting there.

Amanda: Yes and no. Asher has been a doucheface a lot, but deep down I think he truly wants to do the right thing. I don't think turning on Bonnie was about saving himself, but about doing what was right. The flash forward ending had be intrigued though. It looks like Asher is about to be snitch on Bonnie or the others, but it wouldn't surprise me if he took the blame for whatever goes down.

Whitney: I'm on the fence here. I big part of me thought Asher would stand by Bonnie, because it's obvious he really cared for her. However, it wasn't surprising to see him take the "good guy" stand and look to turn Bonnie in. At his core, I think he really is a guy striving to do right by the law.

Were you expecting Rebecca's body to be in that storage garage?

Rachel: Nope! Frank is pretty smart and he knew Wes was onto him. I have a feeling that Frank already disposed Rebecca’s body, making it harder for Wes to find out what really happened to her.

Miranda: I sort of was, to be honest, only because I figured that might be a lead in to what's going to happen to Annalise at the Hapstall's house. Except, psh! Nobody puts a body in a storage unit where it will smell when they could dump it in the ground, and especially not Frank.

Amanda: Frank is smarter than leaving Rebecca's body in a suitcase in a storage locker. He's either destroyed her body, or buried her in that cemetery.

Whitney: I wasn't, but I was surprised to see the elaborate way he set Wes up. The icing on the cake was having Connor, Michaela and Laurel in tow, because they're now looking skeptically at Wes and that's better for Frank and Annalise.

Now that we've learned a little more about Bonnie, whose past do you hope the show explores next?

Rachel: It would be nice to explore Wes’ past. We really don’t know that much about the guy.

Miranda: It's really clear that *something* terrible happened in Bonnie's pay, but I'm not convinced that was it. I think Annalise used old case footage of a girl whom she could pass off as Bonnie to sell that story to Asher. To answer the question, I still want more Frank. If Laurel doesn't want to get to know him, I volunteer as tribute.

Amanda: I definitely think there's more to Bonnie's story, but I'm not willing to rule out that the little girl was indeed her. But the person I'm more interested in getting to know is still Frank. He's got the whole hitman thing, and I want to know what Sam did that Frank owed him such a huge favor that he would kill Lila just because Sam told him to.

Whitney: Definitely Frank. He's very, very loyal to Annalise, but like Amanda pointed out, I still want to know what favor he owed Sam.

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