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A wire tapping hearing is held to bug Annalise's home, but Asher balks before it begins. A flashback reveals a teary Bonnie recounting her version of Sam's death to Asher. 

Bonnie tells Frank and Annalise about her confession to Asher. Annalise tells Frank to find out what Nate and Wes are up to. 

Asher and Annalise meet and she attempts to get him to keep quiet about Bonnie. 

At the courthouse, Annalise is tasked with trying to get the siblings aunt's testimony thrown out of court. With some help from Oliver, the team produces a tape of the aunt the morning after the murder going on a racist tirade. Unfortunately, due to the way Annalise procured the tape, the aunt's testimony remains a part of the trial. 

Asher decides to strike a new deal with Sinclair but once again leaves after her discovers that his dad has cut a deal as well. 

Annalise meets with both Nate and Wes, separately, in hopes they will reveal they are working together, but neither do. 

Frank finds out who Levi is and sets up a trap for him and Wes. The trap leads Levi to get arrested for dug possession and leads Wes and the others to a storage unit where they think Rebecca's body is hidden. However, all the find is a suitcase full of money. 

The flash forwards show Bonnie running from the mansion the night of the murder. She then joins Asher in a car and drives off. She stops to clean the blood off her body and when she returns to the car, Asher is gone, having gone to the police station to make a statement. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Asher: When you came over and we...that was just for your alibi, right?
Bonnie: Yes. That's just how we started, it's not at all how I feel about you now.

Sinclair is wrong, Asher. About everything. So if you help her, we're all ruined. But mostly me.