19 Fictional Femme Fatales: Hot and Homicidal!

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Truly the best kind of female character is the one who is gorgeous, sexy, smart... and could probably kill you with her pinky finger. 

There are so many femme fatale characters on TV these days, it was hard to narrow it down to just 19! We combed through all of the best and the worst (and the craziest) kickass women on TV, and we finally came up with a list of girls that you would probably want to avoid if they weren't so amazing and alluring. 

Check out 19 of TV's greatest femme fatales, and be sure to add any we missed in comments below! 

1. Abaddon (Supernatural)

Abaddon (Supernatural)
This fiery redhead is practically the devil incarnate. Okay, technically she's just a demon, but she's given those Winchester boys just as much trouble as Lucifer ever did! The worst part? You can't even exorcise her when she gets particularly nasty.

2. Rebekah Mikaelson (The Originals)

Rebekah Mikaelson (The Originals)
Rebekah's wiles never seem to find her love, but they do come in handy whenever she needs to seduce whoever is unfortunate enough to become her next meal. Just don't get too handsy, or you'll end up on the floor like this guy.

3. Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries)

Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries)
If you've never seen Katherine Pierce in action, then boy, are you missing out. She's a vampire with a vendetta, and most of the time, she's about ten steps ahead of you in the plotting and mayhem process. Watch out for that sexy smile, it comes with fangs!

4. Nikita (Nikita)

Nikita (Nikita)
Being trained by a super secret government organization as an assassin and a seductress pretty much gives Nikita the edge in Femme Fatale category. Lucky for you, she's got a heart of gold – most of the time.

5. Sydney Bristow (Alias)

Sydney Bristow (Alias)
If you don't think Sydney Bristow is one of the sexiest women in the world, I urge you to take a look at this gif and reconsider. Then, know that about 10 seconds after putting on this sexy show, she strangles the misogynistic pig in front of her and complains about about the uncomfortable nature of lingerie.

6. Sara Lance (Arrow)

Sara Lance (Arrow)
Another assassin, trained by considerably scarier people than the government. Sara's famous line, "No woman should ever suffer at the hands of men," pretty much wraps up exactly why she's on this list. And, of course, her ability to seduce and kick butt in the same scene.

7. Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)

Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)
Perhaps the greatest femme fatale of all time, Anne Boleyn seduced her way into King Henry's bed and managed to get a crown in the process! We're not saying she poisoned his first wife or anything... but she definitely thought about it.

8. Annalise Keating (How To Get Away With Murder)

Annalise Keating (How To Get Away With Murder)
Annalise might be the person you call when you need to get away with murder, but she's also the person you call when you want to plan one, too. She's deadly smart, and more than a little cutthroat. Just ask Rebecca and Sam.

9. Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)
Is there anyone Cersei won't kill or seduce to get her way? She certainly seems to run circles around most of the men in King's Landing, even if those men happen to be related to her. Creepy twincest aside, Cersei is definitely Trouble with a capital T.

10. Bo Dennis (Lost Girl)

Bo Dennis (Lost Girl)
If we're talking deadly, then Bo has got to be part of the conversation. One kiss from this girl can knock you off your feet, and not in the romantic, ooey-goey way. More like in the stolen-life-force way. That's what you get when you mess with a succubus!

11. Pam Swynford de Beaufort (True Blood)

Pam Swynford de Beaufort (True Blood)
Pam Swynford de Beaufort – first off, what an awesome name – is another vampire that makes this list. She's got a thing for lesbian jokes and torture, and both seem to kind of turn her on. Either way, she seems like the type to bed and behead, if you know what we mean.

12. Lucrezia Borgia (The Borgias)

Lucrezia Borgia (The Borgias)
For the Pope's daughter, Lucrezia sure did love to sin. She did the dirty with her own brother for goodness' sake! She was delightfully wicked to watch on screen, and if she didn't murder you herself, she'd probably just have Cesare do it for her.

13. Octavia Blake (The 100)

Octavia Blake (The 100)
While she might have started out fun-loving and innocent, over the course of two seasons, Octavia Blake has become one of the fiercest and bloodthirstiest women on The 100. She's still probably the sexiest thing walking the radiation soaked planet, but she's also pretty handy with a machete.

14. Emily Thorne (Revenge)

Emily Thorne (Revenge)
This girl is fatal to your family, friends, and especially your bank account. But only if your last name is Grayson. Emily's revenge mission sent her into the Hamptoms with an undercover agenda (and wardrobe) that would make any spy or assassin jealous.

15. Mazikeen (Lucifer)

Mazikeen (Lucifer)
Some might call this premature since the show hasn't even premiered yet, but after seeing the pilot of Lucifer, we're calling it now: Mazikeen is one badass female that you want to look out for in 2016. Whether she's receiving barside sexual favors or just acting as Lucifer's right hand, she's absolutely killing it in this new series.

16. Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
There are quite a few vampires ending up on this list, aren't there? Maybe that's because there's nothing sexier than a woman with fangs and a 'don't mess with me' attitude. Unfortunately for Drusilla, those fangs came with a side-helping of insanity. This girl is crazier than a bag of cats.

17. Malia Tate (Teen Wolf)

Malia Tate (Teen Wolf)
One of the funniest (and possibly saddest) things about Malia is that her first instict is to be ruthless. That's what you get when you grow up as a coyote living in the woods all alone. It certainly didn't take her long to get the seduction part down, though. This girl is smoking!

18. Max (Black Sails)

Max (Black Sails)
Watch your purse strings – and your back – around Max. We're willing to wager that she might be the smartest person on the island of Nassau at this point. She's an expert at the art of seduction, but evil master plans are her true forte.

19. Cece Drake (Pretty Little Liars)

Cece Drake (Pretty Little Liars)
We saved the best for last because this girl takes the cake when it comes to mind games and manipulations. Cece Drake played the long con with the liars (the long, long, long, long con), and she indirectly caused the deaths of at least three people. Sneaky Cece!

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