iZombie Round Table: Daughter Disaster

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I feel bad for you Major and Liv fans this season, I truly do. Those two crazy kids just can't seem to work it out, and it's going to be even harder now that Major is banging the sexiest new redhead in Seattle.  

If you have lots of thoughts about iZombie Season 2 Episode 3, then you're in the right place!

This week, the iZombie Round Table talks about Major and Gilda's sweaty gym session, Peyton's return and Vaughn Du Clark's basement of zombie horrors! 

Join TV Fanatic writers Caralynn Lippo, Amanda Steinmetz and Lindsay MacDonald - plus our special guest Lyra Hale - as we discuss all the twists and turns. Be sure to add your own answers and opinion in comments below! 

Izombie Round Table

What was your favorite joke/scene/quote from the episode?

Caralynn: Everything about Liv's real housewife persona was fantastic, but if I had to pick a moment it would be the conversation in the beginning of the episode where Liv is trying to convince Ravi and Clive to go out to dinner with her. Ravi goes on that long-winded, Ravi-ish rant while Clive just goes "Can't busy." I love the way those three play off of each other, it was great.

Amanda: I really enjoyed Liv's housewife persona in this episode. It made for some great laughs. However, I'm going to go with the scene in the car when Major kidnapped the man and dog. There was something about Major turning up the volume on the song "Voices Carry" so he didn't have to hear the guy he was about to kill plead for his and his dog's life.

Lyra: Absolutely loved the confrontation scene between Major and Liv after she found out the truth of his employment. It was so over the top and perfectly executed! By the time she slapped him a good one we didn't care that this is Liv 'high on brains.' We just wanted to see more of this housewife!

Lindsay: Sassy housewife Liv was definitely my favorite too. Her going all mean girl on Terrance's mistresses was hilarious: "Oh, take your finger out of your mouth, sweetie, that's full of herpes."

Gilda is Vaughn Du Clark's daughter. Discuss!

Caralynn: I was surprised! I like that the show didn't go a typical evil romantic couple route. Somehow the fact that they're father and daughter makes the whole thing more interesting. It's a cool dynamic to explore, and opens up a lot of avenues for Gilda's character (how did growing up with a dad like Vaughn affect her, why is she working with him, etc.)

Amanda: I was actually really surprised by this reveal. I think it automatically makes her character far more interesting. I want to know more about their history, because their relationship seems more fraught with hate.

Lyra: Honestly? It creeped me out. There was this undertone of a secret relationship as soon as Gilda appeared on screen with Vaughn Du Clark. I wrongly labeled it as a sexual one because of the not so thinly veiled jealousy when he slept with someone else. My wires have been crossed and some backtracking needs to be done to see this relationship as father/daughter! *commences mind cleanse*

Lindsay: I also thought they had sort of a sexual vibe in the first two episodes, but I love that she turned out to be his daughter. We can blame any weird sexual tension on the fact that 1) Gilda is smoking hot and 2) they definitely have a love/hate relationship going on.

What did you think of Major and Gilda's hook up? Sexy or sickening?

Caralynn: It was hot! Random, but hot. I wasn't expecting it and honestly would have preferred there be more build up to it, but I guess the randomness is excusable when you think about the fact that Major had taken Utopium like 15 seconds before Gilda walked in.

Amanda: I thought it was lukewarm. Major had just taken Utopium, and he's been stressed as hell. Whatever he needs to do to get some realese. Although I suspect this will come back to bite him in the ass if Liv ever finds out.

Lyra: I'm jumping straight on that sickening train. Gilda is a character that is slowly, but surely, angering me with how non-essential she is. They're trying to shake things up by adding her character. All I see is Major self destructing by sleeping with someone the complete opposite of Liv. He's using her. Also, sexy tempting yoga by Gilda was cheesy and confusing. Is that how people seduce others nowadays?

Lindsay: It was pretty sexy, but also so wrong. Their relationship is without a doubt purely physical -- mostly because Major kind of hates Gilda and what she's forcing him to do -- but I'm not going to begrudge the guy a bit of casual sex, when he clearly needs some way to relieve the tension.

Peyton is back! Are you excited, angry, annoyed, bored...?

Caralynn: Excited! She was really underused last season. I know that was a choice, to have her be a recurring character instead of a regular, but I really think she could (and should) be a series regular. I love Aly Michalka. She and Rahul Kohli (Ravi) have great chemistry! And Liv needs a female friend around. The show's a serious sausage fest.

Amanda: I couldn't agree more. The only way we are going to care about her is if we get to know her better. I want to see what made Peyton and Liv such great friends.

Lyra: Excited! Peyton is coming back with a new hair style (looking good girl) and a new ADA case. She's going to be in the thick of things now trying to eliminate the distribution of Utopium. She'll play a key role in what happens to Live and Major when the sh** hits the fan. We all know it will soon. Also, what was she doing in all that time she was away? Hopefully there's a story behind that.

Lindsay: I'm going to pull a Darcy here and say that my good opinion, once lost, is lost forever -- or at least until your prove yourself worthy. If Peyton turns out to be awesome and exciting now that she's in the thick of things, then I'm on board with her return. Until then, I'm still kind of snoring at her character.

Which is a more pressing problem: Vaughn Du Clark's creepy lab of zombie horrors or Blaine's emerging Utopium trade?

Caralynn: Oh my god, the lab! Vaugh du Clark is an excellent, menacing, charismatic villain. I saw the death of the philandering husband coming a mile away, but the implications of that lab are really intriguing. If Vaughn is all about eradicating the zombies, why on earth does he have a zombie detained in his lab, where they are/were clearly doing experimentation's on zombies? I need to know!!

Amanda: Definitely the lab! I'm getting the feeling Vaughn has bigger plans than simply eradicating zombie population. Whatever he's up to, it's going to be bad.

Lyra: Agree with the ladies above. The more pressing problem is Vaughn Du Clark's lab of zombie horrors. What he's got hidden there isn't a regular zombie. From his aggressive nature and the advanced decomposition of his skin (he was wicked witch of the west green) this is a whole new breed. Is this what he hopes to make when his new energy drink comes out? Why would he want this to happen if he has Major killing off suspected zombies? The questions are never ending.

Lindsay: Agreed on all counts, the lab is definitely a much bigger threat, purely because we have no idea what the hell is going on down there! Let's just hope Major never takes a field trip down to the basement for his new job.

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