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Liv and Babineaux investigate the murder of a rich housewife, who was killed by a gun for hire.

Major gets a visit from Gilda who tells him to start finding more zombies or they'll kill everyone on the list, humans and zombies alike. The next person on the list turns out to be a zombie, and Major kills him.

The investigation leads a bimbo-fied Liv in Vaughn Du Clark's direction, where she has a vision of him having sex with the victim. 

Outside his office, she runs into Major, who is posing as Vaughn's personal trainer. 

When Babineaux reveals to Taylor's husband that she was cheating on him, he is shocked and violent. 

Glinda overhears Liv talking about her 'visions,' which is a zombie power Vaughn is unaware of. Later, Glina goes to the gym and seduces Major into a steamy make out session.

Taylor's fashion advisor reveals that her friends were her true enemies. Liv's vision reveals that Taylor's husband, Terrance, already knew about the affair. 

The D.A's office forms a Utopium task force to battle Mr. Boss's business, which includes Peyton. 

Liv starts cozying up with her new fashion forward friend, but Clive finds out that she was the one who hired the killer to off Taylor. She attacks Liv, and she goes full-on zombie mode to subdue her. 

Clive discovers that Bethany was having an affair with Terrance, so she killed Taylor to get their money. 

Liv plans to spend her birthday alone, but she finds a cake from Peyton in her fridge. 

Vaughn shows Terrance (also one of his board members) Max Rager's secret lab, where he feeds him to a zombie.

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