iZombie Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Real Dead Housewife of Seattle

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Let me start this review with a great, big sigh of relief. MAJOR DIDN'T KILL THE DOG. Zombies and humans alike bite it each week on this show, but for some reason, thinking about that poor puppy getting a bullet had me screaming at my TV. 

No animals were harmed in the making of iZombie Season 2 Episode 3, but humans were not so lucky. Two unfortunate humans paid the price, and am I a monster for wondering who ended up inheriting their awesome view? 

My best guess would be Vaughn Du Clark, since he was all up in Taylor and Terrance's business.  

Sleeping with your board member's wife and then feeding him to your resident zombie? Just when you thought Vaughn could sink no lower, right? 

Well, prepare yourselves for even lower depths of shock and disgust because that assistant with whom Vaughn has been plotting and scheming? Apparently, Gilda the Great is none other than Gilda Du Clark, Vaughn's daughter! A product of another of her father's illicit affairs, Gilda definitely inherited her daddy's nastiness. She was stone cold when she told Major about their first plan to rectify the city's zombie problem with yet another boat crash.

Note to self. Never get on boats in Seattle. 

Your work, distasteful as you find it, saves lives.


She's not always ice cold though. Sometimes she can be pretty darn hot. 

For instance, when she's pushing Major up against a wall and sticking her tongue down his throat. Yep! Gilda and Major got sweaty at the gym, with a sexy work out for two. Nothing like some angry, hate sex to get the blood pumping. I'd guess hate sex is all it really is, because as hot as those two were together, I can't imagine it was anything but a physical release for Major.

A release he dearly needed, after yet another zombie kill. 

This time he had to listen to the poor guy's screams for mercy the whole drive to the bridge. Not to mention, he's got to look that dog in the eye every day, knowing he killed its owner. Bassett Hounds can somehow look both devastated and judgey at the same time. A bad combination for Major. 

Now news on whether our resident zombie killer is still taking Utopium, but it's probably a safe bet. 

On a lighter note, Liv's misadventures with her 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' brain were a hoot. 

The color is called 'sorry Beyonce' and I might be in love with it.


Her outfits were totally on point, right down to the strappy and sassy heels her new BFF, Bethany, found for her. Sadly for Liv, said BFF turned out to be a fatal fashionista. It's just so hard to find reliable shopping buddies these days. 

Maybe Peyton will be up for a trip to the mall sometime soon?

She didn't quite have the courage to talk to Liv face-to-face after being called back to Seattle for a Utopium task force, but she did swing by the apartment to drop off a birthday cake. If nothing else, it shows Peyton still cares and wants to make the effort to repair their relationship. Is she up for Liv's zombie drama? Maybe not, but I can be patient with baby steps.

Where I absolutely cannot be patient is the topic of Ravi and Peyton. Pavi, if you will. 

Those two had barely begun to date before Peyton took off last season, but their little reunion hug has revealed quite a few lingering feelings on both sides. If those two aren't back on the fast track towards romance soon, I might lose my mind. 

Blaine was sadly absent from tonight's shenanigans, but looks for him next week on iZombie Season 2 Episode 4, when he takes his Utopium trade to the next level. Something tells me Peyton might be crossing paths with our white-haired bad boy sooner rather than later. 

Be sure to watch iZombie online via TV Fanatic to catch all of Liv's fashion forward ways! 

Real Dead Housewife of Seattle Review

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