Quantico Receives Full Season Pickup at ABC

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Quantico has been given a full season pickup from ABC.

Six additional scripts have been ordered of the new terrorism thriller starring Priyanka Chopra, bringing the total number of episodes for Quantico Season 1 to 19, which is what ABC considers a full season as they attempt to accommodate many new series within their schedule. 

Conversations are ongoing, so it may still be granted an additional three installments, bringing it closer to a traditional 22 episode season.

The Best and the Brightest - Quantico

Quantico has been Sunday's number one broadcast entertainment program this season, improving the 10pm hour by 46% for ABC. It's also a very big gainer in TV playback.

Quantico stars Chopra as Alex Parrish, an FBI Agent who is targeted and set up as the terrorist responsible for the biggest attack on US soil since 9/11. She needs the help of her former Quantico classmates and teachers to uncover the mystery of the conspiracy against her, while she also tries to determine which one of them is responsible for setting her up.

The series also stars Josh Hopkins as Liam O’Connor, Aunjanue Ellis as Miranda Shaw, Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth, Tate Ellington as Simon Asher, Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt, Graham Rogers as Caleb Haas, Yasmine Al Massri as Nimah Amin and Anabelle Acosta as Nathalie Vasquez.

If you were worried the show may disappear before you had a chance to get involved, now you an rest easy, so watch Quantico online via TV Fanatic to catch up!

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Quantico Quotes

Mike: How are you holding up?
Alex: I'm fine. Everyone really needs to stop worrying about me.
Mike: Worrying about you is the best part of my day.
Alex: I'm sorry, what?
Mike: It's an old country song.
Alex: By who?
Mike: Yours truly. I told you, you don't know anything about me.

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