41 TV Couples With Absolutely No Chemistry

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There are a lot of elements that go into making a fictional relationship successful. 

The story and the development are both crucial pieces to the puzzle, but they don't matter if there's no onscreen chemistry. 

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Some ships fizzled out the longer their show was on, and others never had a spark to begin with. 

We created a list below of 41 TV couples with absolutely no chemistry! 

1. Jackson and Maggie - Grey's Anatomy

Most fans can collectively agree that the relationship between Jackson and Maggie is a dull one. Or maybe it seems dull in comparison to what Jackson and April could have had. 

2. Tom and Ann - Parks and Recreation

You know there's no chemistry when their first onscreen kiss made viewers physically cringe. What was the point of throwing Tom and Ann together, again?

3. Max and Georgia - New Amsterdam

Max's devotion to his wife is sweet, but that's the only thing we can appreciate about their marriage. It doesn't make us feel anything other than boredom. 

4. Edison and Olivia - Scandal

Most Scandal viewers weren't huge fans of Edison. Whether or not our dislike of the character played into how we view their chemistry is still uncertain, but there never seemed to be any magnetism in the relationship. 

5. Rachel and Sam - Glee

It felt unnecessary for Glee to even go here in the first place. Rachel had recently recovered from Finn's death, and she was obviously going to rekindle things with Jesse. It was as if Rachel had to give it a shot with everyone before the show's end.

6. Scott and Kira - Teen Wolf

Scott and Kira started the series incredibly cute, but as the show went on the writers seemed to stop caring about her.

Her whimsical personality disappeared, and she became a bland character who faded into the background. Kira's relationship with Scott suffered as a result, and their dynamic fell completely flat. 

7. Sam and Tara - True Blood

There were quite a few couples in True Blood who's chemistry was nonexistent. Sam and Tara fell into that category, and Sookie and Bill could probably fit in there too. 

8. Dean and Beth - Good Girls

Are they even supposed to have chemistry? It's incredible that Dean and Beth still haven't divorced given how they both cheated and can't stand to be around each other. 

9. Rick and Jessie - The Walking Dead

Rick and Jessie are the definition of a filler relationship. Rick hadn't truly been with anyone since Lori, and the show wasn't quite ready to put him with his best friend, Michonne. Therefore, Rick and Jessie existed in limbo. 

10. Amy and Adam - Superstore

The relationship between Amy and her husband was so bad it was laughable. It was hard even to consider them a couple when her chemistry with her co-worker, Jonah, was off the charts in comparison. 

11. Finn and Raven - The 100

To be fair, Finn didn't have chemistry with anyone. But he and Raven always appeared as though they had more of a sibling bond than a romantic one. 

12. Betty and Jughead - Riverdale

Considering that the actors dated in real life, it was surprising that the characters onscreen chemistry dwindled so dramatically. Now everytime they're on the screen together we can't help but sing, "Thank U, Next."

13. Seg and Lyta - Krypton

If we're being honest, Seg doesn't have much chemistry with anyone, but his relationship with Lyta was dull in every sense of the word. 

14. Lucifer and Eve - Lucifer

Lucifer and Eve might not have been able to keep their hands off each other, but it always felt forced on Lucifer's end to get over Chloe. Nothing about it seemed real. 

15. Allison and Luther - The Umbrella Academy

Allison and Luther were raised as siblings and had no problem calling the rest of their family brothers and sisters. The romance between them felt wrong in every way possible. 

16. Frank and Claire - House of Cards

Frank and Claire's marriage didn't feel real at all. There seemed to be a lack of love, and it felt as if they were married to suit their political agendas more than anything else.

17. Jess and Robby - New Girl

Even before they realized they were cousins, their interactions were just plain cringe-worthy. Jess and Robby kept trying to force what wasn't there. 

18. Jane and Rafael - Jane the Virgin

Don't come at me, Jafael fans. There's no denying that over the second half of the series their chemistry drastically improved.

But besides one kiss amped up with dramatic music and falling flower petals, their relationship was bland and uneventful in the first few seasons. Even Rafael originally saw Jane like a sister. 

19. Liz and Kyle - Roswell, New Mexico

Their hookups may not have lasted for long, but it was still hard to watch Liz and Kyle together when it seemed rather tasteless and was never going to go anywhere. 

20. Jackie and Fez - That 70's Show

How did this even happen? Jackie had two other viable options with whom she had chemistry, and it made no sense that the series decided to stick her with the one person she didn't. 

21. Riley and Lucas - Girl Meets World

It still blows our minds that Riley and Lucas ended up together. Their entire story was boring and stereotypical, and Lucas had much more chemistry with Riley's best friend, Maya. 

22. Shelby and Ryan - Quantico

Shelby and Ryan should never have been a thing in the first place. We're still shocked that Quantico decided to go with such a hollow relationship over the alternatives.

23. George and Izzie - Grey's Anatomy

George and Izzie always gave off friendship vibes more than anything. When they got together, it looked like they were kissing their brother or sister. 

24. Jason and Tahani - The Good Place

Thankfully, Jason and Tahani happened in a small number of the reboots, but it was still weird to watch. Now, they're married so that Jason can share in her wealth. 

25. Rebecca and Josh - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend made such a big deal about the Rebecca and Josh's relationship when it wasn't even all that to begin with. They both have more chemistry with other people. 

26. Veronica and Duncan - Veronica Mars

Duncan stayed away from Veronica because he thought that she was his sister, and honestly, that dynamic fit them better than a romantic one. 

27. Felicity and Ray - Arrow

Felicity was only with Ray to cause drama between her and Oliver, so it made sense that there weren't any sparks here. They weren't the couple viewers were supposed to be rooting for. 

28. Greg and Jax - Pandora 

When Greg and Jax meet up at the Space Fleet Training Academy, Jax makes it clear that she's not interesting in caring for anyone else. Her whole attitude played into the events that followed, and now there's not even a chance to see if chemistry could have even been created between the two.  

29. Ted and The Slutty Pumpkin - How I Met Your Mother

The lack of compatibility between Ted and The Slutty Pumpkin was comical. They couldn't even hold hands without making it awkward. We know you were hung up on her for a while Ted, but some things just aren't meant to be. 

30. Charles and Liza - Younger

Many people will likely disagree with this one, but Charles and Liza have always felt more forced than anything. While their scenes together are sometimes enjoyable, the fireworks aren't there and they have never been. 

31. Ed and Kelly - The Orville

Despite being married in the past, Ed and Kelly's relationship is only good when it's a working one. Kelly now serves as Ed's first officer and everything gets thrown out of wack when they try to rekindle their romance. 

32. Rose and Mickey - Doctor Who

Mickey and Rose knew each other since they were kids and Mickey always had a crush on Rose. But viewers were always given the impression that Rose only cared about Mickey as a friend and was with him more for convenience than anything else. 

33. Lorelai and Jason - Gilmore Girls

Maybe we're biased, but Lorelai never had chemistry with anyone other than Luke. It's probably because, deep in her heart, it was always Luke she wanted to be with. 

34. Simon and Clary - Shadowhunters

Simon and Clary gave off best friend energy, and that was it. We get that the show threw them together to stay true to Cassandra Clare's books, but viewers could have done without it.

35. Michael and Ash - Star Trek: Discovery

Ash being a physically reconstructed Klingon with memories grafted over his real identity made his relationship with Michael undesirable. Whatever spark used to be there has gone out completely. 

36. Dean and Lisa - Supernatural 

Dean's time on the road with his brother doesn't give him many opportunities for long-term romances, but when he did finally get one it was underwhelming. The only woman Dean ever had chemistry with was Jo, and she was killed moments after their first kiss. 

37. Caitlin and Julian - The Flash

Caitlin and Julian are both great characters, but sadly the spark isn't there. No matter how much we love them, sometimes couples just fall flat. 

38. Gina and Charles - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina and Charles went from begrudging co-workers to casually hooking up, to step-siblings, to ex step-siblings. The whole thing was a giant trainwreck. 

39. Devon and Julian - The Resident

Devon and Julian were a weird case. There were times it was easy to ship them, but their chemistry was always off, and sometimes they were plain awkward around each other. 

40. Aria and Ezra - Pretty Little Liars

The only vibes Ezria gave off were creepy ones. A sixteen-year-old girl and her high school teach don't have chemistry. If anything, the forbidden love aspect tried to compensate for the lack of it. 

41. Wil and Mareth - The Shannara Chronicles

Who thought this was a good idea? Wil had much more chemistry with Eretria, and while Mareth was a fun addition to the show, her romance with Wil felt forced. 

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