Scandal Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Get Out of Jail, Free

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Raise your hand if you thought Fitz and Olivia were actually going to get married on Scandal Season 5 Episode 6. Good. That's what I thought.

None of us really thought there was a chance Olitz would tie any sort of knots except the ones in their shoelaces tonight, but it was sort of angsty and suspenseful to get us all the way there.

Let's just get a few things clear about Fitz and Olivia.

Olivia loves Fitz. She would rather free her raving lunatic of a murderer father from prison than marry him.

Let that sink in for a minute. I'll wait.

I can't even begin to decide if I love what I just saw or absolutely hate it. I think the fact that I can't decide means it was a great hour, but I'm not entirely sure. 

It will probably be the third time I've written some variation of this, but Olivia Pope is not the marrying kind. She just isn't. She wants power and business and action and a life of drama and no sleep. She doesn't want settled down. The very idea terrifies her. Marriage is jail and rather than trap herself in that she just let go the one man she wanted to see there more than anything.

That's what irritates me so much, I think. We spent how many episodes dedicated to the pursuit of Rowan Pope and either killing him or locking him away? No really, how many? Pretty sure it was most of Scandal Season 4. We finally got him there and Olivia just says "sure, you're a killer, but I'll let you go if you save me from this mess" and then she asks Mellie for help. 

And of course he will. Because he's getting the better end of this bargain in the long run. He gets his power back and he gets to lord it over Olivia. Perfect.

I hate this man. 

I hate that Mellie made a deal with him, but after that conversation she had with Fitz, I can understand why she did it. Fitz has already villified her for her part in the jurors' deaths despite the fact that she had no idea what was going to happen and did what she did because she thought she was protecting her husband. Sure. Why not go ahead and make a deal with the Devil?

It is my sincerest hope that everyone was listening to Mellie as she spat out all the ways she and everyone else have sacrificed for Fitz and he's continued to act blameless and like a victim. His dig that she's "already taken everything" was just disgusting. How he's not coming out the winner in this situation, what with getting to marry his mistress and live his life coaching little league because people will forgive him his transgressions while always holding Mellie responsible for that one time she wore white after Labor Day is beyond.

The criticism there, to me at least, isn't specific to the show but is a broader implication of life in general. His sins will be forgotten and forgiven while she'll carry the burden of being the wife who got cheated on for the rest of her life. There will always be someone in the background snickering and blaming her for the fact that he stepped out. (See also: Bill and Hilary Clinton.)

Anyway. Enough about that. 

The Gladiators testifying was great, and Huck and Quinn are getting back to being the comic relief of the show. Their little moment tonight was so great it got recorded on the Scandal quotes page:

Huck: She only said we couldn't lie. She didn't say we couldn't do other things.
Quinn: Huck...
Huck: I didn't say kill. You really need to let that go.

The revelations in Mellie and Olivia's first scene in the tunnels were spectacular. Kudos to Kerry Washington and Bellamy Young for their performances tonight. 

Olivia realized there's more about Fitz that she doesn't know, like the real reason he kicked Mellie out of the White House, and Mellie learned that Rowan Pope, the same man who coerced her into helping him murder 17 people also killed her son. What a great scene! These women may hate each other but they play off of one another so well. 

(I don't think Olivia hates Mellie. Mellie definitely hates Olivia.)

Their follow-up scene was also perfect, and the fallout from that, even though I hate that Rowan is back, is going to be interesting to watch. What will Fitz do when he realizes that the reason Olivia literally walked out of their wedding was so that she could help his ex-wife free her father from prison? The same man who murdered his son. What will Jake do?

Jake gets a round of applause for hanging up on Olivia not once, but twice tonight. Does she honestly not understand that this man was in love with her and does not want to hear about her escapades with another man? The man she sort of left him for? I mean, I get that they're friends and all, but they're not friends like that. Nope. Call Abby.

Or better yet, call a therapist. Everybody on this show needs one.

What did you think about "Get Out of Jail, Free"? How did you feel about Rowan being set free? Would Susan Ross make a good President? Sound off in the comments below and don't forget you can watch Scandal online!

We'll see you next week for a review of Scandal Season 5 Episode 7!

Get Out of Jail, Free Review

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Abby: If you take the stand, you could end up going to jail.
Olivia: And if I get married? What in the hell do you think this is?

[to Abby] We're not ready to get married. It'd just be a last minute, 'get out of jail free' card. I don't want that for us and pretending that I do is just another lie.