The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Who Is Caroline's Fiance?!?

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Brace yourselves, Staroline fans!

According to The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 2, Caroline Forbes in engaged to someone who is NOT Stefan Salvatore! OUCH!

Who is the lucky man who plans to stand by Caroline's side til death (his probably) does them part? The TV Fanatic Round Table is placing their bets! Read what our staffers had to say and then jump into the comments below with your answers...

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What was your favorite moment from "Never Let Me Go?"

Carissa: The flash forward learning about Caroline not being engaged to Stefan. I really hope we're planning on a time jump sometime soon. As much as I'm temporarily enjoying the heretics, they've piqued my interest a bit too much with the flash forwards to get fully invested.

Paul: Caroline laughing at the heretic chicks clothes. Caroline Forbes, you really are the best!

Ruthie: The flash forwards have definitely become my favorite moments. I find myself hurrying the episode along so we can see what happens at the end. But if I could pick anything in between it would be the moment Stefan rescued Caroline (or tried). I love their cute banter. Too bad the moment was short-lived.

Amanda: I agree about the flash forwards. I really want to know who Caroline is engaged to and why they can't go back to Mystic Falls. 

Miranda: I really loved the moment when Damon and Stefan realized that Lily was purposefully trying to drive them apart. Realizing they were being manipulated actually forced them closer together. I like it best when these guys are a team.

Who is Caroline's fiance in the future?

Carissa: I have no idea. It's somebody we know. But who? If her skin condition cannot be fixed, then I'll have to go with Matt. But surely Bonnie can work a little magic on her. So I'm back to not knowing. Is it wrong that I'd love for it to be Enzo? 

Paul: I honestly think it's Enzo. For all we know Caroline could be stuck with the heretics for the three years. Heck, she could be one now for all we know. I think Enzo and her strike up a bond and it all develops from there.

Ruthie: Oh gosh...first thought was Enzo. But I agree with Carissa, Matt would make sense too. I honestly have no clue at this point. This IS three years from now. A lot can happen in 3 years.

Amanda: No idea, but I think it's either Enzo or Matt. Enzo has always been flirty with Caroline, even when he's been on the side of the bad guys. With Matt, she has a romantic history with him. I'll be surprised if it's someone we haven't met yet. 

Miranda: My money is on Matt Donovan. I don't know why, but my guess is it's him. He's someone who would never feel truly comfortable living anywhere but Mystic Falls, so knowing that whomever she's marrying wants to go home for a visit makes me think it's him.

Now that we know the huntress isn't Caroline, who's your guess?

Carissa: Jo. This feels so much like a very terrible idea about to happen, like Laurel messing with the Lazarus Pit and her sister Sara on Arrow. But we know that has a happier ending because...spinoff. Alaric has no idea what that stone is going to do, but he's going to use it. We can just feel it. And what's Jo going to be? Probably pissed, like Buffy was when ripped away from heaven. Although why she'd be hunting Stefan to death, I have no idea.

Paul: Carissa pretty much nailed it. There are always going to be consequences to resurrecting the dead.

Ruthie: I read a teaser about the casting of someone named Hannah...a legendary vampire-huntress, so my bets are on her.

Amanda: I'm split right now. I agree with Carissa that the most likely possibility is Jo being resurrected, but it very well could be someone we have yet to meet. 

Miranda: Gah, Ruthie! There go my hopes that it's Jo back from the dead! 

Stefan and Valerie have a history. React:

Carissa: Is there any long-living supernatural person with whom either Stefan or Damon don't have a history? Should have seen that coming, as it was just too easy for someone to be nice to Caroline otherwise.

Paul: Yeah, all of the plots seem to revolve around people showing up who those brothers have wronged.

Ruthie: Very interesting. I hope we get a flashback! In my opinion Paul Wesley has chemistry with just about anyone, so I would be excited to see them interact.

Amanda: I wasn't really surprised, but I'd like to see what happened between them in a flashback.

Miranda: Oh, we're getting flashbacks! Paul Wesley said as much in his interviews last month. I'll go out on a limb and say they have something to do with his relationship with Valerie. That was 1863. In 1864, Katherine Pierce showed up and ended up turning Stefan and Damon. I wonder if we'll get references to her any time soon. This guy was a vampire magnet.

What are your thoughts about the Phoenix stone and Bonnie's visions?

Carissa: See above. Jo is coming back, and she's going to be pissed. That stone is bad business. Is Alaric going to be killed? If Jo is hunting Stefan in three years, probably. Or else Caroline is engaged to Alaric! Ohhhh...that would be cool. Hmmm. And enough to drive someone absolutely bonkers. Clearly, I have no theories that hold much weight.

Paul: Something is pretty off with that stone. They shouldn't be messing with it. It's going to come back and bite them, but I have to wonder. Did he not love Jenna, or something? He could have totally went through this when she died...

Ruthie: Bad...very bad. I'm thinking Bonnie is getting visions of H E Double L.

Amanda: It would interesting to see how Alaric would handle it if he brought Jo back as something evil, but whatever it is, it's bad!

Miranda: Bonnie's visions were actually pretty terrifying. Maybe the scariest things we've seen so far on The Vampire Diaries. Will the reality turn out to be that scary? I have no idea, but for tiny little visions, yeah, those were alarming to say the least. That stone is no good. Very, very bad.

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