Blindspot Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Evil Handmade Instrument

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That was it?

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 10 had a lot of hype surrounding it. It was the Fall finale, so you kind of expect them to raise the bar, especially knowing that the show is going off the air for almost four months. 

Jane and Weller kissed and it gave me the most nauseous feeling. Did this need to happen? No. Was it slotted in there as a mere plot device? Probably. 

The kiss really came out of nowhere and there was like ZERO chemistry. These two actors just don't set the screen alight together. They aren't no Delena and I don't think they ever will be. They're boring. When it happened, it was evident something was about to go down with Jane. I just didn't expect it to result in Carter dying. 

Yes, the dude was totally treacherous, but it seemed like we were going to get some solid answers about Orion, or whatever it is. Jane remembered something when Carter was using his scare tactics on her, but tree tattoo man showed up just Jane was about to have her head drilled. 

I thought Carter would be the season long villain, but it's clear now that there's someone much bigger than him. I am glad that Jane knows she was the one who did this to herself, but we already knew this. It will hopefully make her take a step back from Weller. 

Jane obviously has some sort of dirt on him that she doesn't even know about, or he's the only one who can expose Daylight/Orion. 

The main positive about the tree tattoo man being with her now is that we will hopefully get a lot more insight into what is really going on. 

Patterson pressed on with her life. Understandably, she wanted to catch person responsible for David's death. She became quite relentless the way she was bluffing about the evidence. I half expected it to fire back at her, but it paid off and led them on their sweet merry way after Kate. 

It was really nice of Mayfair to take extra care of her, but I'm still getting the sense that Mayfair is hiding a lot from us and it needs to be explored like soon.

Elsewhere, Tasha may have made the biggest mistake of her life. After being threatened once more from Carter, she handed in her resignation to the FBI. I sincerely hope that she gets wind of Carter's demise and somehow manages to shred the letter before anyone finds it. 

For the most part the show has been really good, but this episode just felt like a complete 180 from the last few. There just wasn't much element of surprise and the promos had already ruined the majority of it. 

Going forward, the show has to strike a balance between the cases of the week and the overarching story, or people will grow tired of it. Going on a four month break with one of the weakest episodes is not going to do the show any favors.

Over to you, fanatics! What did you think of the episode? Should that kiss have happened? What's coming up? Hit the comments. 

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Note: Blindspot returns in February for the second half of Season 1!

Evil Handmade Instrument Review

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