Chicago Fire Round Table: Voight To The Rescue?

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Boden's situation became increasingly more dire on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 7.

He is now facing a potential thirty years in jail for the bogus assault and home invasion charges. 

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow, Paul Dailly, and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Honey to discuss what's coming up for the fire chief, Voight's welcome appearance, and how deep the hole is that Otis has dug for himself. 

Join us!

Chicago Fire Round Table 1-27-15

What's coming up for Boden?

Honey: I think Boden will find that Riddle actually did have something to do with all that has conspired against him. I also think after the Gala, some of the powers that be will take a look at Riddle and his aspirations for becoming Chief CFD, and he is not long for this show in the position he holds now. Riddle has been stepping on many toes lately, and for some reason, he has decided that he wanted to make an example of Firehouse 51. Boden will beat him as his own game.

Elizabeth: I think he'll be out from under this in an episode or two. He's got a lot of friends to help him clear his name.

Paul: I think his future at 51 is very much in question. He and Donna are going to have some difficult conversations.

Stacy: I hope it isn't drawn out too long. While I do think Riddle is behind this, I have a hard time believing he wants Boden out of his position bad enough that he is willing to send him to jail for 30 years. That's a little extreme.

Will Severide use the dirt on Patterson?

Honey: Nope, he has already proved that in the bar. He handed Dallas the folder which Benny gave to him to use on him, but Severide being the better man gave Dallas the folder, and that was that. I commend Severide for doing what he did.

Elizabeth: No, he doesn't play that way. And the fact that the info came from Benny...I never thought he would.

Paul: Honestly, I'm unsure about it. Severide would only really use his Intel if it gets much worse at 51 and there's every possibility that could happen.

Stacy: No, he said that was his only copy, and while I'm sure he could get it again if he really wanted, it's not his style. Hopefully his gesture mends some fences between the two of them.

How happy were you when Voight showed up?

Honey: Not only was I happy, I loved the way he showed the detective that he wasn't leaving and letting the smartass detective know Boden was his friend. Not too many people want to get on Voight's bad side.

Elizabeth: I don't know, having Voight show up to defend you is complicated. The man doesn't exactly have a sterling reputation, after all. I thought maybe the deputy chief we saw Boden playing poker with on Chicago PD might come into play.

Paul: I was ecstatic when he showed up. It's crazy how much I hated Voight when he first showed up on this show three years ago, but now he's one of my favorite characters on TV.

Stacy: I was happy, but not at all surprised. I guessed that Intelligence would get involved with this somehow, but I wish Boden had taken him up on his offer. I'm sure it's still on the table if it comes to that.

How will Otis' lie affect his relationship with Cruz going forward?

Honey: I think that Cruz moved on but is still friends with Sylvie, and I don't think he still has feelings for her like he did.

Elizabeth: It'll probably fester for a little bit, then they'll fight and everything will be better.

Paul: Cruz must feel a bit pissed that someone as close to him as Otis would lie like that right to his face. It's going to be a tough few weeks ahead for them.

Stacy: Yeah, that was not a good move on Otis' part. I'm sure they'll work it out and move on, but he should not have lied to Cruz. Personally, I think there are enough in house relationships right now. I don't want to see Otis and Brett become a thing.

What was your favorite scene?

Honey: When Gabby turned around to Dallas and said, "Why don't we ask the Captain about that?" Loved it when Matt told him, "She's not your candidate." But my favorite was at the Gala when all of the house gathered around Boden, and Riddle just stared at all of them. What would happen if all of House 51 walked off? Something to think about, right?

Elizabeth: Casey and Dawson in his office. They're so sweet.

Paul: Voight showing up! It was great!

Stacy: I have to go with Severide giving Patterson the folder at Molly's. He just keeps proving he's a stand up guy. I also loved his response to not throwing it away, saying that he felt the folder should be returned to its rightful owner.

Stacy Glanzman is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Otis: So Riddle's hanging Boden out to dry?
Gabby: Maybe we should ask the captain.
Patterson: What's that supposed to mean?
Casey: Gabby.
Gabby: Well your Riddle's guy, right?

Otis: Are you asking me out?
Brett: Uh, yeah. I talked to Cruz and he said it was cool.