Chicago PD Round Table: I Got You

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Welcome back to the Chicago PD Round Table!

Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 7 delved into the mind of a young boy who brought a bomb to school and brought a pedophile to justice. 

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Ann to discuss if the episode followed their expectations, their thoughts on Olinsky moving in with Ruzek, and their feelings on all the crossovers. 

Chicago PD 1-27-15

Were you expecting an actual attack at the school?

Elizabeth: Eh, I'm getting used to the promos being deliberately misleading. I liked how the case took the idea of a school attack and really looked at why a kid would do that with some sympathy.

Ann: I really didn't think that there would be an attack at the school, only scare tactics. I do like the idea of how the the case took on the why and not the actual act.

Stacy: I was surprised, I was expecting a "ripped from the headlines" story, but I was not disappointed in what we actually got. It was really interesting to dig into the kid's motivation.

Olinsky and Michelle move in with Ruzek. React.

Elizabeth: I have lost all patience with Meredith. I understand being upset with Al, but I don't understand women that want their partner to abandon children they've had with another woman. It's especially frustrating since she hasn't even made an effort to meet the girl. But camping out with Ruzek makes no sense – especially when Voight and Olinsky have been friends for a very long time and he has a whole house.

Ann: Well, Meredith never took the option of trying to get to know Michelle, which I think is not a very compassionate attitude. I thought she was more of a caring person than that. I don't think moving in with Ruzek is a great idea. I thought he and Voight were besties. It would have been more logical for them to move in with him. Maybe because of the episode where Al and Hank got into that big argument had something to do with it.

Stacy: I too wondered why they didn't go to Voight's, but being that he's the boss, I could see that being awkward. I was half expecting Olinsky to end up sleeping at Antonio's gym, but with Michelle that's not a great option. Maybe Ruzek will let them have the apartment and he can go stay with his fiance for a few days. Might as well get some practice living together right?

How do you feel about all the mini crossovers each week?

Elizabeth: I would like them more if there was better continuity between the shows. Really I do love them, but they also remind me of the one thing that irks me about the franchise.

Ann: I like them very much. Like Elizabeth, I would like to see more of them; they make for better story lines. I hope that they consider more of the crossovers for the end of this season or the next season. Okay, Derek Haas, Dick Wolf, and Matt Olmstead, this is up to you, you have the magic pens.

Stacy: I like them, but the poker game felt a little forced, like it was only written in to have an excuse for a crossover that wasn't at Molly's. While I do enjoy them, we don't necessarily need them every week.

What was your favorite quote/scene?

Elizabeth: I liked the scenes with Jay and Ethan. He handled the kid with amazing delicacy, and it was really touching.

Ann: I liked the scene with Ruzek and Burgess. Jay and Ethan. How he made the boy feel it was okay to talk to him, loved the compassion of that part of the case.

Stacy: I liked when Halstead got choked up and asked Lindsay not to leave him alone with the swim coach.

Did anything disappoint you?

Elizabeth: As I said before, I found Meredith's behavior upsetting. But outside of that, I thought the episode was really solid.

Ann: Yes, Meredith needs to take a beat and if she wants to keep her family, she needs to at least meet Michelle, because Olinsky already considers her his daughter. I wish he had looked at that test. Possibly Lexi could step up here and be a strong person, unlike her mother.

Stacy: I agree with Elizabeth and Ann, Meredith's behavior was the big disappointment of the episode. Hopefully she'll get over her anger and make an effort to make this work with her husband and give Michelle a chance.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Crowley: You're just gonna let this kid walk?
Voight: Well I can't arrest him for something he might do. I can't even hold him, he's a minor.
Crowley: Since when did Hank Voight become such a stickler for the rules?
Voight: Oh, so now you're taking the leash off?

Sarge, let me do this. I used to be this kid.