Empire Season 2 Episode 6 Review: A High Hope for a Low Heaven

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So, that was a little disappointing, no?

I'm not sure what I was expecting heading into Empire Season 2 Episode 6, but it surely wasn't that. While there were highlights, I mean this IS Empire after all, the overall feel of the episode felt off to me. Almost as if they were rushing from one thing to the next too quickly, leaving the episode disjointed and a bit lackluster. 

Hakeem was found in three seconds and the fallout from his kidnapping didn't pack as much of a punch as I would have liked it to. All in all, this just wasn't the episode I was looking for. 

As I briefly touched on, Hakeem was set free relatively quickly, and I guess I've just watched too much television in my lifetime, because I assumed he'd be missing for at least the better part of the hour. Instead, Cookie and Lucious made a deal with Hakeem's kidnappers and bam, Hakeem was a free man.

But Hakeem wasn't reunited with his parents right away. Oh no, he went to...Anika's house? Yeah, I don't know why he did that either. Anika has been a non-factor in Empire Season 2 and this just seemed like a way to get her into an episode. Unless I'm missing something and their encounter is going to play a bigger role down the line. 

Anyway, once Hakeem did reunite with his family, he was not in a warm and fuzzy mood. Cleary reeling and emotionally scarred from the encounter, the last thing Hakeem wanted to do was rehash his ordeal or be around the family that was suddenly acting like the Brady Bunch. 

Lucious: No, what happened to you, son, is my worst nightmare.
Hakeem: Can't be worse than the nightmare of being your son.
Lucious: I ain't ya mama. Watch how you talk to me.

I've thoroughly enjoyed Hakeem through these first few episodes, so I'm hopeful he leans on Cookie and his brothers and is able to get through the trauma of the kidnapping.

How great is it when the three brothers share a scene? My favorite relationship on this show will forever be Jamal and Hakeem's, but I like when Andre is included as well. They've all get their issues (and who wouldn't with Lucious Lyon as a father) but I do believe at the end of the day they know what brotherly love is. 

When Cookie wasn't doing her best to be a good mother to her boys, she was going back to hunky Delgado and looking for extra security. His suggestion to hire the men who kidnapped Hakeem should have been my first red flag, but dammit if I wasn't blinded by that smile!

Cookie was clearly smitten too, as she eventually ended up in his arms. And as they were disrobing, we got a clear shot of Delgado's back and the same bull horns tattoos the kidnappers had! No, no, no! Why can't Cookie ever have nice things?

I really want to know what Delgado's agenda is. Could he be on Thirsty's payroll?

Elsewhere, Andre was being Andre and trying to get Gutter Life (is Empire officially done?) into tip top shape. That meant meeting with all the artists and seeing if they were up to his standard. 

One artist in particular, J Poppa, caught Andre's eye, when he realized they had something in common: the bible. 

You ever think about incorporating the word into your music? You can reach a lot more people with the light than you can with the darkness, brother.

Andre [to J Poppa]

Next thing you know, J Poppa is performing a pretty decent song and adding a little freestyle bible verse at the end. You can imagine how well this went over with Lucious. 

The "partnership" between Lucious and Andre is going to end in disaster. Mark my words. 

Random Notes

  • Speaking of J Poppa, he and Becky are a pretty adorable couple, right? You go, Becky! Now we need a love interest for Porscha!
  • Laura came to Hakeem's rescue during the coming out party for Mirage-á-Trois. She really saved his butt during their showcase, and I must admit, she may be the kind of girl Hakeem needs in his life. 
  • Jamal brought in an old foe of Lucious's to help him market himself better. There wasn't much time spent on this, but we were reminded that Lucious is homophobic, and Jamal needs to ditch him and go back to Cookie! If this new guy can make that happen, I'm all for it. 
  • Lucious is still trying to make Frida a thing, and I'm losing my patience with her. Is she talented? Obviously. Do I care what happens to her? Not in the slightest. 
  • No Michael this week. I can't say I missed him. 
  • Song of the week? Mirage-á-Trois killed their performance. 

This was far from my favorite Empire, but there was still a lot to like, so I want to hear what you guys thought! What was your favorite thing about "A High Hope For A Low Heaven"? What is Delgado up to? Why did Hakeem go to Anika?

As always, leave me a comment so we can discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. And remember to watch Empire online right so you're not left behind. 

A High Hope for a Low Heaven Review

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Empire Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

The day I found out that Lucious Lyon had a gay son is the day that I knew. I knew, I knew right then and there that there was a God.


Lucious: No, what happened to you, son, is my worst nightmare.
Hakeem: Can't be worse than the nightmare of being your son.
Lucious: I ain't ya mama. Watch how you talk to me.