17 Characters Who Have Way Too Much Power

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We've all been there. Watching a TV show and wondering why a character has all the power. In some cases the character brings little to the show, aside from calling the shots. 

Power can come in many forms. It's not all physical, though, there's no denying Klaus from The Originals is one of the most powerful dudes around. Then there's Annalise from ABC's sophomore hit How To Get Away With Murder. She's manipulative as hell, but why is she constantly covering for the Keating five?

Have a look through our slideshow for the full run down of the characters who have too much power on TV. 

1. Lucious Lyon - Empire

Lucious Lyon - Empire
He may have done a stint behind bars and still had a lot of power. Heck, he managed to get someone killed who posed as a threat to his family. He'll now return to rule the Empire and piss his family off in the process. If that ain't too much power, then I don't know what is.

2. Chanel Oberlin - Scream Queens

Chanel Oberlin - Scream Queens
Emma Roberts is owning her role as the Queen B on Fox's buzzy new drama, but she has a little too much power. Who in their right mind should have the right to change their minion's names? No one. It's obvious her money is getting her ahead of the game, but she needs taken down another few pegs.

3. A - Pretty Little Liars

A - Pretty Little Liars
Yes, we finally know the identity of the omni present psycho who has been terrorizing the gals for six and a half seasons, but you've got to wonder where she got all of her stalking tips from. Her power may have been stopped in it’s tracks, but there’s no denying the effects she's had on these girls with stay with them for years to come.

4. Annalise Keating - How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise Keating - How To Get Away With Murder
She's one of the most manipulative people on TV in recent memory. She can effortlessly turn any evidence into something major and she even has a group of minions in the Keating Five. She also has Bonnie killing for her and good old Frank hiding the bodies. She's also got a weird hold over Wes that I’m expecting to be explored somewhat later this season.

5. Hap Briggs - Blood and Oil

Hap Briggs - Blood and Oil
Hap seems like he could buy and sell anyone he speaks to. Whenever someone tries to counter him, he promises to increase his fee every time the other person counters his offer. He has cut off his son and is the go to guy for all things oil in North Dakota.

6. Wells - The Flash

Wells - The Flash
Wells is the reverse flash and was fooling poor Barry Allen for much of the freshman run, but will Wells manage to rise from the ashes and go after Barry once more? We don't quite know that yet!

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