How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: And The Shooter Is....?

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How's that for a winter finale?

We've come to expect many things from How To Get Away With Murder, including action, cliffhangers and jaw-dropping moments and this was another installment that didn't disappoint! This show continues to keep us glued to the screen week in and week out and it only seems to be gaining more and more momentum as time goes on.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 9 was all about that fateful night at murder mansion, which has been teased since the season premiere. While we got a lot of answers (#WhoShotAnnalise), we were also left with a ton of questions to keep us patiently waiting for February to come!

Join our round table regulars Rachel Miller, Amanda Steinmetz and Whitney Evans as they discuss the bonkers finale and grade the first few episodes of this amazing season!

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1. What was your favorite part of the mid-season finale?

Rachel: The last few moments were insane! I honestly didn’t want to blink because I was afraid I’d miss something important. Between Asher killing Sinclair, to Annalise forcing one of the Keating crew to shoot her in the leg, everything was just crazy.

Amanda: Definitely the scene when Annalise is trying to get them to shoot her. The entire sequence was making me tense, and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for who it was going to be.

Whitney: Asher running over Sinclair was a complete shock to me. I always assumed she was murdered in the mansion!

2. Was there anything about the episode that disappointed you?

Rachel: It would’ve been nice to see what the heck happened to Rebecca’s body. The first few episodes of the season were about who murdered her. So I would’ve love to have some closure on what Frank did with her dead body.

Amanda: I guess just not following up on some of the other scenes we saw take place on murder mansion night like Asher going to the police station, Frank putting on a show for the cameras at the hospital, and Catherine waking up in the woods. I'm sure we'll see all that come the second half of the season, but I really want to know now!

Whitney: I wish the episode had just been in chronological order. I didn't find it necessary to tease us with certain things and then have them play out five minutes later. But that's just a small criticism, because the episode was fantastic overall.

3. Asher has joined the murder club. React!

Rachel: That was some phenomenal acting by Matt McGorry. My mouth was on the floor throughout the entire seen with Asher and Sinclair. I didn’t think Asher was capable of killing someone but to be honest, Sinclair had it coming to her. She kept playing with fire until someone finally snapped back.

Amanda: If there was one thing I was certain of all season, it was that Asher was going to kill Sinclair. It makes me sad that Asher has joined the club. I believe that he genuinely wants to be a good person and do the right things, so I have a feeling he won't cope well with being a murderer.

Whitney: Matt McGorry was the MVP of that finale in my opinion. I don't think he's going to handle being a killer as well as Wes has, but I think he'll learn to go on like everyone else has. I'm very interested to see how his relationship with Bonnie changes as well. Two killers in a relationship? That will be something to watch.

4. The who shot Annalise question was finally answered. What did you think about the killer reveal?

Rachel: Wes is two for two in his involvement of harming the Keatings. He really wanted Annalise dead by shooting her in the stomach instead of her leg like she suggested. I seriously thought it would’ve been Caleb, Catherine or Phillip to pull the trigger, but I was indeed wrong.

Amanda: After the How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 8, I started to suspect that her shooting may have been orchestrated by Annalise herself. However, the way it all went down crazy! After everyone refused to shoot her, I thought maybe Annalise was going to shoot herself, but that wouldn't have made sense considering she was shot in the stomach, not the leg. Wes being the shooter was the obvious choice, which is why I wasn't expecting him to do it.

Whitney: It made sense as the whole night played out that it would end up being one of the students, and I guess considering how fragile their relationship has been all season, it made the most sense for Wes to be the one that pulled the trigger. Having said that, it was still a surprise. How do these two go forward from this?

5. We got some more information about the history between Wes and Annalise. Has your opinion about their connection changed?

Rachel: Annalise and Wes have always had this weird mother/son kind of relationship. Now I know Annalise was just trying her best to comfort Wes because she knows what really happened to his mother. Annalise is notorious for framing people and covering up murders. My theory is that she’s somehow involved with the death of Wes’ mother. After realizing her wrongdoing, she made it her mission to continue to protect Wes/Kristof. Annalise has been causing havoc in the young man’s live for a little over 10 years. Yikes!

Amanda: I never believed that Annalise was Wes' mom because their relationship was too sexual. Here are my two theories now: Since Wes has a murderous side to him, I think it's entirely possible he could have killed his mom, and Annalise and Eve made it look like a suicide to protect him. My other theory is that Annalise and Eve were somehow involved in his mom's murder and then made it look like a suicide, and she's been looking out for Wes ever since.

Whitney: I'm with Amanda on this one. My first thought was Annalise and Eve killed Wes's mother and she's been keeping tabs on him ever since. It's very possible it could be revealed that Annalise is his biological mother, but I just never bought it.

6. How would you grade the first half of How to Get Away with Murder Season 2?

Rachel: I would give it an A- simply because I still want to know where is Rebecca’s body! I have no choice but to be patient until next season.

Amanda: I'd give it an A. I was worried about the momentum slowing down in Season 2, but the writers have kept me interested and eagerly awaiting every new episode.

Whitney: A! We've seen countless shows come out sluggish and uninspired in their second seasons and I'm so glad to see How To Get Away With Murder building on the momentum of How to Get Away With Murder Season 1. I've enjoyed every aspect of the first half and I'm desperate to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Whitney Evans is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Sinclair: You enjoy being her little boy toy, don't you? That's why ypu keep running back to Annalise again and again, so she can fight your battles for you. You prefer to have her boss you around. Tell you what to do. Like hire her bestie and kill Nia.
Nate: Keep my wife's name out of your mouth! Say her name again. Say it!
Sinclair: And then what?

Laurel: Annalise, did you know about this?
Annalise: Know about what?
Laurel: Asher's dad killed himself.