Quantico Round Table: Did Miranda Go Too Far?

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 6, it was romance drama central.

Caleb had to learn that his former girlfriend Shelby was now having an affair with his father, while Simon discovered that Nimah has a twin. Things got a lot more dramatic and a little bit more interesting.

Below, TV Fanatics Liz Estey, Paul Dailly, and Allison Nichols share their thoughts on the romance heavy hour, and they brief you on their current theory as to who is framing Alex.

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Natalie's back, and she's on to Ryan and Alex. Are you surprised that she didn't give Ryan a chance to explain things before going straight to Liam?

Liz: Not one bit. What I still don't understand is how Ryan ever ended up with Natalie in the first place.

Paul: Not really. It's Natalie. She's a bitch who thinks that Ryan and Alex are sleeping together behind her back.

Allison: I’m not surprised either. It would have been a great way to show how close Ryan and Natalie are as a couple if she went to him first, but I guess that’s not the case.

Did Miranda go too far by having the NATS surveil her and therefore her son?

Liz: Yes. But it's been established she has trouble with good judgment related to her son. She is way too close to be objective, and it hurts both her relationship with her son, and her ability to see things from a law enforcement perspective.

Paul: I couldn't quite fathom this one out. It didn't make all that much sense and if anything, it could have driven the wedge between them further apart.

Allison: Definitely. Miranda keeps on crossing the line, making terrible judgment calls, and breaking the law. Liam clearly isn’t doing a good job making Miranda recognize what she’s doing is wrong, so someone needs to before Miranda goes too far.

Simon discovered Nimah and Raina's secret. Do you think this is what gets him kicked out of Quantico or will he keep the twins' secret?

Liz: I wouldn't be surprised if this it what gets him kicked out of Quantico, although given that this show tries really hard to be surprising it might be a red herring. I honestly don't know anymore. Simon is such a difficult character to read.

Paul: Hopefully, so we don't see much of Elias again. I don't think this is what gets him kicked out, though. There have got to be some fireworks before he goes.

Allison: I’m glad that someone finally found out Nimah and Raina’s secret. I feel like Miranda could definitely kick out Simon to protect her prized possessions, aka the twins. She seems to care about them more than anyone else.

There was a lot more relationship drama and romance in this episode. Did you enjoy all of this drama or would you rather there be less of it?

Liz: If they could limit it to like one or two couples a week that would be better. Also, even though Shelby said it was like a soap opera, it doesn't make the whole affair thing any less soap opera-y. I mean seriously, Caleb's father? Could it be more cliché?

Paul: I really don't mind it, but when all of these people are apparently coupled up after one month, it kind of makes you wonder why the writers are pushing the show to be so sexy. We already know it is.

Allison: I agree with Liz. Let’s limit the number of couples we focus on. I’m not watching the show for the romance drama, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I am trying to black out the whole Shelby and Caleb’s father affair thing. It’s just too ridiculous.

Catch us up on your current theory on who framed Alex. Did this episode provide you with any more intel that either cleared someone's name or moved them higher up on your suspect list?

Liz: I'm actually gonna go with Liam. He is so focused on catching Alex so perhaps he is just trying to keep people from digging deeper. Given his rogue operation of having Booth spy on Alex, I think he's pretty far gone. I really don't want it to be Nimah/Raina. That would be majorly frustrating. Truth.

Paul: I have a feeling it could be Miranda. Shocking? Yes. She could have made it worse on Alex by forcing her to go on the run.

Allison: Oooo, interesting theory Paul! I’m really hoping it’s not Nimah and Raina because it would be really obvious. With Liam, I feel like since he’s shown himself to be out to get her, it wouldn’t be all that shocking if he was behind the frame up. I still like the Ryan theory. It’s got the shock factor.

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