27 TV Characters We Wish We Could Befriend

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If you watch enough television, it starts to feel like the characters on TV are your friends.

What? Just us? OK. Well. 

Here's a list of some characters we would really like to hang out with. Some of them are smart, some funny, some just like to toss back a few beers and share sad stories. Still, they all have something to offer.

Who have you seen on TV and thought, hey, they're someone I'd like to get to know? Tell us!

1. Clara Oswald - Doctor Who

Clara Oswald - Doctor Who
Sure, a lot of people might think it would be more fun to be friends with The Doctor, but Clara has proven to be a pretty amazing companion. She's human and fallible and would go to the ends of the universe for those she loves. She's also funny and likes to go out for a drink after work and generally lead a normal life when not whizzing around with The Doctor. In short, she'd make a great friend who also has access to The Doctor. We could live with that.

2. Rosalee Calvert - Grimm

Rosalee Calvert - Grimm
Rosalee is a strong and determined fuchsbau who fights on behalf of others. Once a struggling addict, she has it under control and runs an apothocary, so she can probably cure all of your ills. She's funny and caring and almost always knows what to do to help. She's the best kind of spice girl!

3. Brian Sinclair - Limitless

Brian Sinclair - Limitless
While the show hasn't premiered yet, we've seen enough to know that we want the guy who takes the NZT on our side! When someone takes NZT, they have access to the very far recesses of their brain and they're essentially the smartest person on the planet for a while. That makes them the funniest and most useful, too. We're betting Brian will be able to figure out in short order exactly what makes you tick. We'd like that in a friend!

4. Alison Hendrix - Orphan Black

Alison Hendrix - Orphan Black
When there seems to be an unending stream of clones coming your way, you have to pick one! Alison is hilarious, willing to sell drugs and kill to take care of those she loves. She steps in for her sestras when the situation calls for it and if she looked like you, you can rest assured she'd do it for you, too! There's just something about her that makes you want to stick around and get to know her a little better. Just remember, she's been to rehab, so no chardonnay!

5. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead
Although Daryl has a sensitive side and always looks out for his friends and family, he also never lets his feelings get in the way of doing his duty. If he needs to protect you, he'll do what he has to to ensure you're safe. He's a patient man who never pushes anyone beyond what they're ready to give and if you do him wrong, he'll forgive you because, well, he's probably a better person than all of us.

6. Alaric Saltzman - The Vampire Diaries

Alaric Saltzman - The Vampire Diaries
Alaric has been so many things; a teacher, a vampire, a vampire hunter, a husband, dead and alive. As Damon's best friend and drinking buddy, you know he can pretty much take anything anybody can dole out and deal with it. He's loyal and loving and a great family man. He stepped in and cared for Elena and Jeremy when they had nobody else and wouldn't have had it any other way. We can only guess he's going to need a friend more than ever after losing Jo.

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