The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 7 Review: A Most Powerful Adversary

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Well that was a...somewhat...completely unexpected turn of events. Depending upon how closely you were paying attention. Or how much you trust people. 

It was pretty clear that if Kevin decided to put his life into Virgil's hands, there would be dire consequences. What was unexpected was that Michael would allow him to do it. So many pieces had to fit right into place for the stunning ending on The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 7.

Even knowing Michael's relationship with God, however, didn't make Kevin's fate feel any more secure in his hands. Instead of immediately starting CPR or looking for another shot of epinephrine, he pulled him out of the room by his feet. What on earth is going on?!

Seeking Help - The Leftovers

Yes, I'm fully aware that I started this review right at the end of the hour. It's kind of hard NOT to want to start at the end and work your way back into it, you know? It was that amazing.

Once again, the cast was firing on all cylinders. This is, without a doubt, one of the most talented casts assembled on television. Every single one actor pulls his weight and more. Watching them portray even the most tragic circumstances is a pleasure.

While on another, more poorly written and acted show, I might get kind of angry at Nora for leaving Kevin, especially locked to the bed, it was easy to understand why she did what she did. She's scared shitless. They're still living in a world where that reaction is warranted. 

She could have, however, left the key a little closer to the bed. Was he even able to reach it over on the chair if Patti's rear end HADN'T been right in front of it? And how ironic was it that THAT was the reason he didn't know it was there?

Kevin spent a good portion of his day trying to get the handcuff removed. He didn't try hard enough by himself. I once had a boyfriend who slipped away from a bounty hunter (ahem), and I successfully picked the police issue handcuffs. Nothing but the best for me! 

The lack of clarity Kevin was suffering jumps out at us when he visits John to have the cuffs removed. Certainly he's recognized they don't have the most trusting of relationships by this point. 

Well, that's that. You went there to get free and you got caught. You know, the only time I ever felt free, Kevin, was when I picked up that piece of glass and stuck it in my neck. You were holding me in your arms, and I looked into your eyes, and you were so afraid, but I wasn't, because it was finally over. That's freedom.


I was fully expecting someone to come running out of the firehouse before he pulled away. They scanned his print into the computer. How quickly does it match up? It was hours later that he died, so it must not be the greatest matching system. Hell, he lives next door to John. He's not hard to find.

Patti continues to give Kevin really great advice. For an angel/devil on your shoulder, coming in the guise of Patti isn't too bad. Sure, she's a pain in the ass, but she's smart. For a minute there, I really thought Virgil could see Patti, but afterward we learned Kevin was at Virgil's the night he tried to kill himself, so he gave him all the information he needed to talk about the woman in white and pass it onto Michael.

That still doesn't account for their initial encounter in the visitor's center, or why there was a quake that sucked all of the water out of the pond at the very minute Kevin was trying to kill himself, but it's enough to keep me skeptical about the miracles in Miracle.

Meanwhile, Tom really has gone missing, and Laurie is in Miracle looking for him. She admitted to Kevin they were conning people in their attempt to fill the void when they freed them from the Guilty Remnant. So...not a miracle! Tom didn't receive any powers from his mentor, and that's why he fled. His own guilt.

Laurie's arrival was perfect timing, however, to coincide with Kevin's breakdown. It's the first time we've really witnessed them having a semi-normal conversation. They've always been at odds before this. 

It was brilliant that they addressed why Patti wasn't with Kevin when Laurie was around, too. She would know exactly what to ask to prove that Patti was a figment of Kevin's imagination, and Kevin's imagination won't give her the chance. Or...maybe Patti just hates Laurie all of a sudden. We won't know because we won't get the opportunity.

What's surprising is that somewhere between Laurie telling Kevin he was having a psychotic break, and trusting he wasn't too broken to hear the truth (maybe that was her mistake?), and Nora assuring Kevin that if he looked her in the eyes and told her he was no longer seeing Patti that she would believe him, he suddenly decided that taking Virgil up on his offer was the way to go.

How did he talk to two sane women and decide to put his life into a fellow insane man's hands?

As soon as Virgil discussed his history with John, that they "hurt" each other, I knew if he ever had Kevin's life in his hands he wouldn't let the opportunity pass him by. There would be a transference of some sort, and he'd let him die. 

The death was ugly, too. There are so many times when people drink a poison and just die. As if when your heart stops you just stop breathing, and it's a simple, pretty death. It's not. The ugliness with which Kevin died was appreciated. It looked painful and terrible, and if he could have talked, I'd imagine he would have been cursing his decision and begging to take it back.

Did Michael wait outside because he didn't trust his grandfather? He is the one who led Kevin there in the first place. Why didn't he immediately start lifesaving measures? Did he know what Virgil was planning? He didn't look at all upset to find what was awaiting inside. Something is definitely off.

Justin Theroux is the lead, and I don't expect him to go anywhere, but I don't expect it to be an easy journey back for Kevin, either. What awaits? A mob of firefighters who have seen his hand print? A worried (angry) family? 

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A Most Powerful Adversary Review

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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Kevin: Sound's like a fuckin' exorcism.
Virgil: You people and that movie.

Kevin: God dammit! Just shut up! What do you want!?
Patti: Sorry?
Kevin: What do you fuckin' want? If you want me to do something, just say it!
Patti: I'm glad you asked, Kevin. There is something you need to do.