Watch How to Get Away with Murder Online: Season 2 Episode 7

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Let's take a close look at all that went down on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 7, shall we?

On this installment of the smash ABC hit, Eve defended Nate after he was served with yet another murder charge.

Elsewhere, while this was taking place, Annalise and the team represented a client who supposedly made a person suicidal, a touchy and sensitive subjcet to be sure.

Finally, Bonnie discovered the gory details about what went on at Trotter Lake. And she was quite taken aback, as you might image.

Click on the above video to watch How to Get Away with Murder online and to see how all these developments transpired in the end.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

No one can make someone commit suicide.


Eve: Did the two of you kill her together? Oh great, so now I'm going to have to defend both of you.
Nate: I did it. On my own.
Annalise: She called me first, asked me for pills.
Eve: Of course she did. Because who doesn't ask their husband's mistress to offer?