How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 7 Review: I Want You to Die

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We are so close to finding out what happened at murder mansion, and I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement. 

Just when you think this show can't possibly get any more twisty and fascinating, an hour like How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 7 comes along and takes everything to another level.

We got a glimpse of Sinclair's (possible) murderer, a tiny clue as to just who Wes is to Annalise, and one of our beloved secondary characters was put into a very bad situation.

Has your heart gone back to normal yet?

Eve was back in a big way this week, as she came to Nate's defense once again when Sinclair sought to charge him with helping Nia die.

Since Sinclair had to back off Annalise, going after Nate was her only alternative. But you'd think she would have learned her lesson by now. 

Annalise: You're messing with the wrong bitch.
Sinclair: Is that a threat?
Annalise: I guess you'll see.

Bringing in Eve was an interesting choice for Annalise to make, given the history between the two. From the get go, Eve had a bit of a chip on her shoulder, as she was clearly a little jealous of the relationship between Annalise and Nate.

That jealousy at first seemed to filter over into the courtroom, but then we were quickly reminded of what show we were watching and realized that nothing is ever as it seems. 

Eve proved herself to be pretty damn smart, Annalise lite if you will, as she got Nate to manipulate the sweet nurse at the hospital to mess with Nia's blood sample, getting Nate off the hook. Now let's all cross our fingers that we won't have to see Nate as a defendant anymore because twice was plenty. 

Annalise and Eve used their time together to reminisce about what could have been and indulge in some sexy times. We also got a MASSIVE confession from Annalise that is going to set the comment section ablaze with different theories. 

Wes is him!!! Wes is him??? WHO THE HELL IS HIM?

We now have confirmation that Wes is someone Annalise has known about for a long, long time if Eve knows about his existence. But still, who does that make him to her? Many people have speculated Wes is her son, but I've just never been able to get on board with that due to the sexual undertones of their relationship. 

So if he's not her son, or a relative of some kind, then who the hell is he? And more importantly, how much longer do we have to wait for that reveal? 

I'm hoping we won't have to wait too much longer to find out because I almost want to know that more than I want to know #WhoShotAnnalise!

You know what else I want to know? If Oliver's alright! We all knew something bad was going to happen when we saw mysterious Hapstall cousin Phillip watching our favorite couple at the close of How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 6

The plan to set up Phillip on the date was clever, but didn't we all see what was going to happen next? I'm seriously afraid for Connor if something happens to Oliver. The kid is already emotionally fragile and dealing with the kidnapping of his love isn't going to help his downward spiral. 

Might we need to add him to the list of suspects? He can take the spot directly below Bonnie. 

I want you to die. That's what I want. That it was you they killed in this house. Not Sam. Because he'd have never done this to me.

Bonnie [to Annalise]

It was only a matter of time before Bonnie found out Annalise showed Asher that video of her. Asher has a huge mouth, and I'm actually surprised he kept it from her this long. 

Bonnie was beyond mad at Annalise, and she had some valid reasons, but God help me if I didn't believe Annalise when she told her she loved her. Bonnie has made some highly questionable decisions, and Annalise has always been there to help her clean up the many messes she's caused. 

But it seems like now Bonnie has finally had enough of Annalise. And it would seem as though she's had enough of Sinclair too, as Bonnie is the one standing atop the balcony after Sinclair's body touches down on the murder mansion patio. 

Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. She's never too far from a murder it seems. 

Random Notes

  • The case of the week involved a super creepy man accused of badgering his ex-wife's husband so badly that he jumped off a bridge. It seemed like a pretty cut and dry case, until badass Laurel discovered that the wife and her attorney were having an affair. Annalise was able to plant the seed that the husband really killed himself because of the affair and just like that her client was free. Not the best case of the week, but certainly not the worst. 
  • If we're to believe Asher (and I, for one, do), then he was throwing a party at Trotter Lake to shoot a really lame rap video, and he was downstairs when Tiffany was raped. So while he wasn't involved in the rape, he did nothing about what happened. Bonnie was right with everything she said to him. He still doesn't grasp the severity of that event now, and he probably never will. 
  • Wes has a gun. Wes is holding that gun in the flash forwards. I see what you're doing here show, but it's not going to be that easy.

The countdown to the midseason finale is on, people! We need to start talking about that night at murder mansion! Why is everyone at the mansion that night? Who has the biggest motive to want Annalise dead? Will Oliver be okay?

There is A LOT to talk about, so drop me a comment and let's sort through it all. As always, you can watch How to Get Away with Murder online right now because DUH. It's one of the hottest things happening on television right now. 

NOTE: How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 8 titled "Hi, I'm Phillip" will air on November 12th!

I Want You to Die Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

No one can make someone commit suicide.


Eve: Did the two of you kill her together? Oh great, so now I'm going to have to defend both of you.
Nate: I did it. On my own.
Annalise: She called me first, asked me for pills.
Eve: Of course she did. Because who doesn't ask their husband's mistress to offer?