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Annalise and the team are looking into Hapstall cousin Phillip's background and trying to come up with a motive for him to be the Hapstall killer. 

Annalise finds out that Sinclair is looking to charge Nate in Nia's death and she goes to Eve to defend him. During the evidentiary hearing, one of Nia's nurses gets outed by Sinclair on the stand and Eve decides not to cross examine, leading Annalise to question her loyalty. Eve promises Annalise she has a plan and later Nate goes to the nurse and she switches Nia's blood sample, meaning charges can't be brought against Nate.

While celebrating, Eve tells Annalise that she knows she's protecting Wes and Annalise confirms that Wes is an important person from her past. 

The team takes on the case of a man accused of stalking his ex-wife's husband so badly that he commits suicide. Laurel pieces together an affair between the wife and her lawyer, prompting Annalise to surmise that the husband really killed himself over the affair. 

Asher admits to Bonnie that he threw a party at Trotter Lake, but he was downstairs when Tiffany was raped. Bonnie lays into him for his lack of action and tells him she can't look at him the same way. Asher then lets it slip that Annalise showed him the tape of her and her father. Bonnie then lays into Annalise and admits she wishes she were dead. 

The team tries to set up Phillip on a date with Connor to get his DNA, but Phillip never shows. Instead he shows up at Oliver's apartment. 

The flash forwards show Connor and Michaela leaving the mansion and Laurel and Wes following them, with Wes holding a gun. As Laurel and Wes try to stop the others from leaving, Sinclair's body hits the patio. The camera pans away to reveal Bonnie standing on the balcony. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

No one can make someone commit suicide.


Eve: Did the two of you kill her together? Oh great, so now I'm going to have to defend both of you.
Nate: I did it. On my own.
Annalise: She called me first, asked me for pills.
Eve: Of course she did. Because who doesn't ask their husband's mistress to offer?