Haven Season 5 Episode 23 Review: Blind Spot

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First things first. RIP Dave. Sorry after all these years together I missed your dying breath. Was it really necessary to take it on a big US holiday? Sheesh, brother.

That said, Haven Season 5 Episode 23 wasn't that great of a follow up to Dave's demise.

Howard returned for what may have been the last time (or maybe not), Duke embraced his inner darkness (again) and Croatoan (we sometimes call him William Shatner) stepped out of the shadows.

Willam Shatner on Haven

Let's be honest, Duke probably embraced his dark side because it's easier to imagine Eric Balfour killing people and putting Audrey into a strangle hold than it is William Shatner as Croatoan.

Who's with me on that?!

Shatner is not scary. He's cool and funny. He has great quips. When Haven Season 5 Episode 24 really shows him in action, I'm expecting a lot of good Haven quotes, something that have been missing as of late. With the loss of the dual acting Teagues, those quotes will be harder to come by, so Audrey's daddy better be up for the task.

There was a veryshort​ period of time in which Duke and Nathan acted kind of like they did when they were frenemies, often at each others throats and yet unable to let go of the relationship they shared since boyhood.

You know, if you had told me a few years ago that my bar was going to get thrashed by a Trouble that creates sea monsters, I...now it just sounds like Tuesday.


Apparently that was enough to push Duke right into Croatoan's hands. Or something. Oh well, certainly we'll learn more about Duke's intentions as we learn more about dear old dad's.

Probably more exciting was seeing Howard again. 

I've been wondering exactly how they were going to build a Barn using a crystal and Audrey's pensive attitude, because it seemed to be going nowhere. 

Holla at Howard, why dontcha?! I didn't see that coming, did you? Nice callback to the early days. I had kind of forgotten all about him. Those were good times, when everyone was still trying to determine who and what Audrey really was.

Who would have guessed it was as easy as changing the zoning on an already constructed building? HA! How very real estate savvy of everyone. The police station would become the Barn, but wouldn't really alter anything or even destroy Laverne, who was currently inhabiting it via a Trouble. 

They thought of everything.

But that's about all there was. Duke ruined the aether core with some sort of acid touch, because the dirty devil was using Troubles left and right. Who knows what he hell he was using while he was busy walking through walls and killing people while Laverne wasn't looking.

I'm looking forward to moving on to the next step in this process. It's time. Croatoan has stepped forth. Let's get this party started.

If y'all have anything to say, spill it in the comments. If not, same time, same place. You know how this works.

Never forget you can always watch Haven online the very next day if you miss an episode, so do it right here via TV Fanatic!

Blind Spot Review

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Haven Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

You know, if you had told me a few years ago that my bar was going to get thrashed by a Trouble that creates sea monsters, I...now it just sounds like Tuesday.


Audrey: What are you?
Howard: The controller.
Audrey: For the Barn?
Howard: Yes, I am the controller for the correctional facility created to rehabilitate Mara.