iZombie Round Table: Sexting and Stalking

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The round table is gearing up for the fall finale of iZombie next week, which means we're in full-on speculation mode! 

After everything that went down in iZombie Season 2 Episode 8, we're left with so many questions and not a lot of answers. Are Major and Liv headed for a break-up? Where does Max Rager factor into this whole picture? Did Gilda and Liv actually start sexting? Okay, that last one isn't actually very pressing, but we're still curious.

Join TV Fanatics Whitney Evans and Lindsay MacDonald and our Tell-Tale TV guest, Lyra Hale, for a serious sit down about what we can expect from the final episode of 2015. Don't forget to leave your own answers in comments below! 

Izombie Round Table

What was you favorite joke/scene/quote of the episode?

Lyra: Ravi playing detective. Dare I say, he was kind of cute prepping himself outside of the laundromat. He even went as far as stretching out physically for a mental thing. It went a step further on the cute meter when he pretended to be Liv's fiancee. It was absolutely Ravi.

Whitney: Liv and Ravi pretending to be engaged was really cute. Ravi ragging on Babineux was also pretty funny and will never get old. Basically, everything with Ravi was my favorite.

Lindsay: I loved the suspense of sticking Liv in prison without any access to brains. We haven't ever seen her hungry yet, which I think could be a much more interesting subplot than some of the others going on right now. I also found it bizarrely funny that Liv and Gilda kind of starting sexting each other at the end of the episode.

Major has a lot of lies piling up. Are he and Liv headed for a break-up or turning point?

Lyra: I think they're headed for a break-up. Major used the stalker brain that Liv had eaten against her. He made her feel crazy and took advantage of her. It was a jerk move because he did have something to hide in that safe from her. When she finds out what he's really been doing for Max Rager she will definitely feel betrayed. He's killing people like her and sleeping with her. That's bound to twist Liv up in grand and tragic ways. It will take them a long time to get back from this lie.

Whitney: I hate to say break-up, but the writing seems to be on the wall here. In a perfect world, Major will confess to Liv what he's been doing and apologize for lying and Liv will understand, because not so long ago she was keeping some major secrets from him. But this isn't a perfect world and Liv is going to feel monumentally betrayed.

Lindsay: Yeah, I see a break-up on the way too. There's just too much that feels off with how they got together and how they're staying together.

Are Gilda and Vaughn just out for the money, or is there something more going on at Max Rager?

Lyra: Vanity and power. Gilda and Vaughn are people after the best, who don't care who they take down to achieve vitality and strength. Money is just a fringe benefit to them. Even their tentative relationship isn't enough to stop them from destroying each other in their hunt for absolute power. It'll be interesting to see who takes down who by the end of the season. My moneys on Gilda destroying Vaughn. The woman's got secret potential Vaughn has no idea about.

Whitney: Lyra pretty much nailed it! Gilda is not pushover, and if I had to pick a side, I'd choose Gilda's for sure.

Lindsay: Same. They hinted at some father-daughter rivalry this week, and I think that would be a cool showdown to see happen. And yeah, my money is totes on Gilda.

Liv, Gilda, and Major are caught in the weirdest love triangle of all time. What do you want to see happen there?

Lyra: Ideally, I want Liv to cut ties with Major (because he's playing games with her head and doesn't trust her enough to tell her the truth). After that, Liv needs to have a showdown with Gilda where she goes into zombie rage mode and kicks her ass. Liv with then uncover what's really going on at Max Rager, before turning over all her evidence to the police. The only way to hurt Gilda for what she has done to Liv is to take away the future she's so desperately seeking.

Whitney: I want Gilda to battle it out with Vaughn and think she's succeeded, until Liv comes along and blows her away.

Lindsay: I'd like to see Major and Liv take a break and come at their relationship again from a different angle after some time apart. As for Gilda, I just want to see more of her, no matter what the context. She's so delightfully wicked.

Make one prediction for the fall finale!

Lyra: Liv will find out about Major's lies. He won't tell her. She'll feel betrayed and want nothing to do with him while she cleans up the mess he's made because she still loves him.

Whitney: Liv and Major are going to have an ugly break-up that is probably going to make me ugly cry.

Lindsay: Ditto on the Major/Liv break-up call. I'm going to go ahead and say that we'll get a big break in the Mr. Boss case too. That story needs some forward movement, and it would make a great cliffhanger!

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