Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Saints

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The promo for "Saints" sure had some creative editing.

Certainly, the car accident was strongly featured, but it was by no means "massive." And shouldn't the focus have been on one of the cases that inspired the title for Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 7, either homeless Bobby or tragic Christa?

There were a wealth of good storylines to pimp, and none of them needed embellishment.

Dick Wolf shows have always taken a few liberties with promotional clips, but changing a pivotal line might have taken things too far. Honestly, Blevin's story was interesting enough without the post-production changes to hype it up. 

It was disappointing that Will took so long to catch on to what Blevin had done. And even more disappointing that he didn't acknowledge his own idiocy when Nat figured it out within two sentences.

It's amazing that his able to keep his cocksure attitude when he is consistently proven wrong. 

It amazes me how dumb a doctor can be. Everybody knows you like Natalie.

Maggie [to Will]

It was too bad that Jay and Will's conversation came so close to the end of the show, since there was a bit more to be explored in in their examination Blevin's actions (for example, the state will bear the cost of his imprisonment as well as his medical bills).

But time was already short, and there were other moral questions to ponder with this one.

Sharon's case really should have been the highlight of the show, both because her actions could definitely be described as "saintly" and because it covered an interesting (and important) topic. 

The writers laid out a pretty good argument for why bone marrow and blood should not fall under the same donation regulations as kidneys and lungs, so I won't reiterate that here. The comments about the Ninth Circuit ruling had me Googling, which is always a good thing – though the discrepancy in the application of the law is not.

My only criticism with this storyline has nothing to do with the writing or the acting. I was merely disappointed that there was no plug for, which is the recruiting branch of the National Marrow Registry.

But everything else – especially Sharon's disgust with the hospital – was spot-on amazing.

A girl has to almost die for this hospital to realize that it's actually here to treat patients?


The other saintly case, Bobby the generous, was crafted to make us like April more. And it did. A little. It also made me feel like April is very young, and maybe a little naive. 

Her conversation with Dr. Charles seemed more suited to medical student April than to a seasoned nurse. We don't know exactly how old April is supposed to be, but late 20's to early 30's seems a good guess considering that she and Severide went to high school together. 

I was a little concerned that Bobby had an ischemic stroke at a hospital and wasn't given any TPA, but I guess he was there so that April could have some existential growth, not for medical treatment. 

April: I wanted to believe that self-sacrifice came from the soul--
Daniel: And not lesions on the brain?

While there were plenty of interesting medical cases, there was also a lot of interpersonal drama going on at Med.

Sam and Connor ended up fighting because of...well, they ended up fighting. And then Connor said some stupid stuff, which was actually kind of surprising. The condescending accusation seemed more appropriate for Will than for virtuous Connor. I approve of making him a little less shiny, but surely that could have been accomplished with out the sexism?

At least Sam called him out on it. I like her more and more.

Sam: Oh, I see. So out of my frustration, I laid into you?
Connor: Well...
Sam: Couldn't possibly have anything to do with you or your performance, it's just me. I'm a crazy bitch.

Natalie's seeming awfully serene for just giving birth to her dead husbands baby and having her neurotically grieving mother-in-law giving her no space. I certainly would not be that chill. 

This whole idea of her moving came out of nowhere, and I was surprised that both Maggie and Helen acted like it was imminent. Even if she did decide to leave, she said she would finish her fellowship at Med, and then there would be the matter of finding a job's far from a sure thing.

But even the possibility has Helen singing a different tune about Will. I don't think she'd be so set on him if she knew about his itinerant, party boy past though. It looks like Helen is going to turn into quite the matchmaker for Nat, but with a very narrow set of criteria.

You're a Chicago boy, aren't you, Will?


Nat won't have much a maternity leave – she's back at the hospital in Reunion, which airs on February 2nd. It looks like she may have to deal with a case of severe child abuse, which could turn out to be Munchausen syndrome by proxy. And Choi's going to have another moment in the sun when an old shipmate shows up.

You can always watch Chicago Med online so that you're all up to date on the latest hospital gossip. We'd love for you to join in the conversation in our comments section!

Saints Review

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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

It amazes me how dumb a doctor can be. Everybody knows you like Natalie.

Maggie [to Will]

Roger, that excuse is so lame it needs crutches!