Girls to End its Run on HBO After Six Seasons

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You guys! Girls Season 5 hasn't even aired yet, and word is it will be the penultimate season!

Admittedly, that gives us a lot of time to watch our gal pals get some things right before we have to say goodbye.

Hannah's Maturity - Girls

As first reported to E!, Lena Dunham has definitely set an endpoint for the series and is ready to let go of her ladies after a sixth season. The fifth season will begin airing in February.

In September of last year, Dunham explained her thought process, that Girls began when she was 23 and as she was soon to be 30, it felt appropriate to let go of this chapter of her life and go off into the world. 

As far as our Girls go, they have two more seasons to make peace with their world and make us viewers satisfied they're going to be alright when we let them go. After all, it's all about us, right?

So far, we know Hannah is relatively happy in her Season 5 relationship, while Shoshanna is still living in Japan, and Marnie is marrying (most likely) the wrong man. There's time for everyone to mess up and get it right a few more times each. Jessa, Adam, Ray, Elijah and more all have stakes in the game!

Will you be sad to see Girls call it an end? 

Girls returns to HBO on Sunday, February 21.

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