Girls Season 5 Promo: Older, Not Much Wiser

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The more things change, the more things stay the same...

That's not the tagline for Girls Season 5, but based on the newly-released promo, it might as well be.

Our Girls have come pretty far over the past five years.

By the end of Girls Season 4, Marnie was set to marry Desi, Hannah had (finally) moved on from Adam and entered a new relationship. 

Shosh made the huge decision to pack up and move to Japan, and Jessa... well, Jessa decided to keep on being her devil-may-care, laissez-faire self.

The finale seemed to indicate a big step forward for the friends, but based on this new promo, the so-called grown-up decisions they made may not exactly stick.

In a whopping 50 seconds, this promo manages to upend all the progress it seemed Hannah, at least, had made.

Ray and our #1 fave Elijah help our girl out with some kind of impromptu boudoir photo shoot customized to our heroine's "non-traditional body type." 

Jessa, being the blunt Jessa that we know and (sometimes kinda sorta) love, cautions Hannah about waking up one day and realizing she's wasted her life.

In the same vein, Marnie flat out tells Hannah that relationships take work and issues a warning about what happens to people (*cough* Hannah *cough*) who don't work on staying together.

Yeesh! But not all's bad in Girls-land. There's laughing, there's dancing, there's sexy nurse outfits. 

Shosh is still apparently having a grand ol' time in Japan, wondering if she dreamt up the country in her own mind, and gleefully whipping bound people with a feather.

Living the dream, I guess? (Seriously, WHAT is Shosh's job in Japan and just how sex-worker-y is it?)

Plus, we get the briefest glimpse of Adam (yay!) and Elijah – with what appears to be a potential new boyfriend (double yay!!).

Girls premieres Sunday, February 21st on HBO. Be there or be Cher!

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