Girls Season 6 Preview: Write the Final Chapter

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It's been months since we got our first taste of Girls Season 6 by way of the teaser.

Now we're being treated to the first official trailer, and it's vintage Hannah Horvath.

Girls Opinions

Right off the bat, Hannah is obviously trying to get a job with a magazine and her selling point is that she doesn't give a sh*t about anything, but simultaneously has opinions on everything.

Does anybody else feel like she's writing about you? Because that hits so close to home it's almost frightening.

Hannah wants to write "stories that make people feel less alone" than she did and "make people laugh about the things in life that are painful."

That the upcoming frames show Hannah writing and some others reading, with her mother laughing, seems to indicate Hannah is successful at that endeavor.

Girls mom laugh

Of course, there is more to this clip than Hannah, as we see Shosh looking at women and speaking about them in a way that indicates she's jealous of them, but almost perhaps interested.

Marnie is crying while Hannah assures her she's not giving up on her now after all the BS they've been through together.

And Jessa can be seen sharing her feelings about the judgment of her relationship with Adam in a very open space.

But still, this story is Hannah's, and it's hers that I want to see end well. She's the one who makes me laugh the loudest and speaks the most honestly through her ridiculous adventures.

So when she tells the gal there's no other story she'd rather write than the one about surfing, but to note she hates and thinks she's allergic to sand, and is super against sun, sunscreen, isn't into drinking water or watching people having fun.

That's our girl. 

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