Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 13 Review: Codominance

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Kira's mom needs a lesson or two in parenting.

On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 13, Kira's mom took Kira to see the skin walkers because she believed that they would be able to save Kira. Okay, I'm all for unconventional methods, and those skin walkers had some interesting fashion styles happening. This was a cool premise.

The issue was that it took us away from the main issues of the season – Theo, Dread Doctors, chimeras, and the beast. We had to put all that on the back burner for the majority of the hour to watch Kira and the skin walkers.

One thing I absolutely loved was that every time Kira judged the skin walkers, her mom shot her down by pointing out that they aren't that much different than Kira. I was applauding. It's not nice to judge people, Kira.

Here's what I really don't understand: Kira's mom seemed to accept the idea that Kira would be staying with the skin walkers. She even told Kira that if Kira had to live with them forever that would be okay because it would keep Kira alive. It's a little hard to imagine leaving your kid behind to be with the skin walkers, but Kira's mom would do it to keep her daughter alive, which should be the goal of every parent.

Then, when the skin walkers announced that Kira failed their test and had to stay with them, Kira's mom changed her mind. She didn't have as strong of a reaction as Molly Weasley, but she did draw her sword.

Kira's mom did a total 180, and it made me question the entire point of this excursion. I'm not even sure she would have let Kira stay if Kira had passed the test. It would have been better to see Kira's mom stick to her guns a bit longer or have her reluctantly escape in Roscoe with Sciles and Kira, and then make some comment on the way home about how maybe the skin walkers weren't what Kira needed. 

Let's examine Scott's game plan, shall we?

He decided that he needs to reunite his pack, and it's about time he caught onto that little detail. Sadly, that's the only thing Scott did right.

Instead of reuniting with Liam, who was in Scott's room ready to make things work, Scott decides to go get Kira even though she's battling a demon fox spirit that's inside of her. Kira is away for her own safety and protection. Let her work out her shit, Scott.

If you want to get the band back together, Scott, you don't leave out the drummer.


Instead, let's focus on the people you can mend fences with. Stiles at least tried to convince Scott to work things out with Liam, but  Scott's clearly hung up on the whole "Liam tried to kill him" thing. That's understandable, but Scott should have stuck around to have a conversation with his beta.

Then there's Malia. Scott told Stiles that he knows what Malia is planning, but he kinda pushed her aside to be dealt with at a later time. I mean she's just going to go kill her mom, but Kira is more important right now. Because that makes sense. You do you Scott, I'm just going to sit back and judge.

Who do you think Scott should have tried to reunite with first – Malia, Liam, or Kira?

One of the annoying things that Teen Wolf loves to do is to just drop you into a storyline without any explanation. Oh, look Theo and Tracey are at the school at night talking about something. We just interrupted their hunt mid-conversation. 

It's confusing and jarring. Sure, after like a minute we catch onto the fact that they are hunting for the Beast, but how did they know to look at the school? There are a lot of questions, and it's not like we got any answers.

Another annoyance is that we miss huge revelations. We learn that Theo is looking for a blind alpha aka Deucalion by Mason and Liam telling Scott about what CoreFy told Mason.

You know what would be more interesting or exciting? If we spent the episode with Theo doing research or something on this mystery person that would solve all his problems (or whatever Theo hopes Deucalion will do for him), and then after trying to guess what Theo's up to, then Theo drops the "blind alpha" bombshell that makes everything click into place.

It's not all that shocking to hear Liam and Mason repeat what they heard. I can't get excited by that. Also, I'm still confused as to why this came up on Mason's date that wasn't a date. We didn't even get to see Mason hear this information. This "bombshell" should have been handled better.

What even happened during this hour? 

No seriously, someone explain it to me. We spent the majority of the time with Kira, and then somehow Liam and Mason gathered things from Theo's pack, and that was basically the hour. Bor-ing!

There was also some overly dramatic and creepy scenes at Eichen House with Lydia. Yes, I want to know more about her powers, but Meredith isn't telling me anything I don't already know or that Lydia doesn't already know. Instead of doing your creepy ghost teacher routine, how about you actually teach something? Also, if you could tone down the creepy, that would be great.

Let's have a training montage or something! Lydia's far too intriguing of a character to waste by sticking her in some super weird storyline where she's separated from everyone. Give me like one to two episodes where Lydia actually gets some instruction on how to use her voice as a weapon and whatever else she can do, and then let's reunite her with the gang. Sound like a game plan? Okay, break!

You don't get a name like Dread Doctors and not get classified as the bad guys.


What did you think of the episode? Did you love it or were you as unimpressed as I was? Do you think Kira's mom is a good parent? Is anyone loving Mason's relationship with Corey? I just can't find myself to care all that much. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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Codominance Review

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If you want to get the band back together, Scott, you don't leave out the drummer.


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