17 Characters Who Should Have Stayed Dead

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There's a whole grieving process when a much-loved character is killed off in your favorite show. 

You get so attached to characters that when it's time for them to go, you want them to stay on the show forever. 

It's difficult enough to say goodbye to characters, but when they're brought back into the land of the living in a convoluted way, you'd much prefer if they stayed dead. 

Why mess with the integrity of the show? 

We've compiled a list of characters who should have stayed dead. 

1. Peter - Teen Wolf

Peter - Teen Wolf
Peter wasn’t a good character to begin with. He was just too evil to like, so his random return and the fact that we were being forced to like him, was just plain stupid. He should never have returned.

2. Alison - Pretty Little Liars

Alison - Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars was way more interesting when we all thought Alison was dead. I have no problem with Sasha Pieterse, but she was way better in flashback, being a bitch to her friends. This whole storyline with her as a teacher is so random and stupid.

3. Tony - 24

Tony - 24
24 was never a show that was scared to kill off regular characters, but when Season 7 came around, the presumed dead Tony Almeida showed up and it kind of ruined the whole idea of death in the show.

4. Madison - American Horror Story: Coven

Madison - American Horror Story: Coven
Emma Roberts can effortlessly play a bitch and it totally sucked when she was killed off in Coven. It was annoying that just as we finished grieving her loss, she was back in the land of the living.

5. Rumple - Once Upon A Time

Rumple - Once Upon A Time
Rumple has been a villain for so long that he is no longer redeemable and I could care less about him. Pan killed him at the close of Season 3A, but he didn't stay dead. Yawn. Add in that it’s paved the way for him to become the dark one once more and you have the most pointless return.

6. Mama Pope - Scandal

Mama Pope - Scandal
Scandal has been known to keep viewers on the edge of their seat, but the twist that Mama Pope was alive and the subsequent convoluted storylines left a lot to be desired. It all started with her. She was the reason the show started to go stale.

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