17 Characters Who Should Have Stayed Dead

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There's a whole grieving process when a much-loved character is killed off in your favorite show. 

You get so attached to characters that when it's time for them to go, you want them to stay on the show forever. 

It's difficult enough to say goodbye to characters, but when they're brought back into the land of the living in a convoluted way, you'd much prefer if they stayed dead. 

Why mess with the integrity of the show? 

We've compiled a list of characters who should have stayed dead. 

1. Peter - Teen Wolf

Peter wasn’t a good character to begin with. He was just too evil to like, so his random return and the fact that we were being forced to like him, was just plain stupid. He should never have returned.

2. Alison - Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars was way more interesting when we all thought Alison was dead. I have no problem with Sasha Pieterse, but she was way better in flashback, being a bitch to her friends. This whole storyline with her as a teacher is so random and stupid.

3. Tony - 24

24 was never a show that was scared to kill off regular characters, but when Season 7 came around, the presumed dead Tony Almeida showed up and it kind of ruined the whole idea of death in the show.

4. Madison - American Horror Story: Coven

Emma Roberts can effortlessly play a bitch and it totally sucked when she was killed off in Coven. It was annoying that just as we finished grieving her loss, she was back in the land of the living.

5. Rumple - Once Upon A Time

Rumple has been a villain for so long that he is no longer redeemable and I could care less about him. Pan killed him at the close of Season 3A, but he didn't stay dead. Yawn. Add in that it’s paved the way for him to become the dark one once more and you have the most pointless return.

6. Mama Pope - Scandal

Scandal has been known to keep viewers on the edge of their seat, but the twist that Mama Pope was alive and the subsequent convoluted storylines left a lot to be desired. It all started with her. She was the reason the show started to go stale.

7. Glenn - The Walking Dead

This much loved character was apparently killed off by a group of zombies, but thanks to a questionable camera angle, viewers were on tenterhooks for weeks until it was resolved and he was intact alive and kicking. This has somewhat tarnished the zombie drama’s meaning of dead.

8. Sara - Prison Break

Her head was in a frickin box. That kind of says it all really. I don't understand who would be able to get one to look ever so similar to Sara's, but her return coincided with the ratings tanking, so it really came as no surprise that they would try to drum up the ratings with this bizzare return.

9. Bart - Gossip Girl

Bart wasn't even an interesting character to begin with, so this one was uncalled for. It was evident the show was running on steam by the time he returned and it just went further downhill as he got back with Lily and continued to be a terrible man. I'm not so sure he’s even really dead now.

10. Juliette - Grimm

At the beginning of Grimm, Juliette was a really good character, but somewhere along the way, she turned into someone who wasted the air time. Fans were happy at her apparent departure in Season 4, but it was short lived when she popped back up.

11. Joe - The Following

If The Following killed off Joe Carrol for good at the close of the freshman season and started a fresh for Season 2, we'd probably be about to watch Season 4 right now. Fans fled after the mess that was season 2 and the show was cancelled after season 3.

12. Sara - Arrow

The Arrow writers got a lot of flack for killing off this popular character. It played a part in making the third season the worst one for the superhero drama, but to have her return it brings back all of those memories to viewers and the notion that the dead don’t stay dead.

13. David - Revenge

It was inevitable that ABC's sudsy drama would bring Fauxmanda's father back from the dead. Characters always come back from the dead on primetime soaps, but I bet the writers didn't bet that his return would signal the end of the show. The show most definitely jumped the shark here.

14. Jo - The Vampire Diaries

Jo was a very interesting character before she passed away, but understandably, death does change you and for Jo, it changed her a little too much and we could really care less about her now. When they killed her off, they killed her personality.

15. Spike - Buffy

We all cried when Spike was killed off to save the world on the series finale of the vampire drama, so you only imagine our frustration when he returned from the dead in the final season of Angel and he totally wasn't with Buffy. That didn't wash with us.

16. Brian - Family Guy

Seth McFarlane made a big deal about Brian's pending death in the media and the fact that he said it would be final made a lot of people tune in for his final episodes. You can only imagine how shocked viewers were when he returned just two episodes later.

17. Mikael - The Originals

The Originals prides itself in telling stories that extend way back to ancient years, but the return of Mikael from the grave only made things more convoluted. There can only be so many family members after the Mikaelson's before viewers get sick of it.

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