Chicago PD Round Table: Closure for Lindsay?

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Lindsay found herself playing a game of cat and mouse with Gregory Yates on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 14. She won the game, but will it bring her the closure she needs?

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Amy Perrin to discuss the twists of the case, more Benson, and the crossover as a whole. 

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Chicago PD 1-27-15

Were you surprised by the family connection in the case?

Amy: A little, but revenge is such a powerful motivator that I wasn't that surprised.

Elizabeth: I didn't see the whole adoption angle coming, but like Amy said, revenge is a powerful motivator and no one rejection is worse than a parent's.

Stacy: Yeah, I wasn't expecting to learn Nellie was his sister or that he was given up for adoption, but I thought it was an interesting twist.

Did Voight make the right call to bench Lindsay?

Amy: I am kind of conflicted on this. I know where Voight was coming from, but I also agreed with Lindsay. I knew Lindsay wouldn't be able to stay out of it though.

Elizabeth: I thought that benching Lindsay (and Rollins on SVU) was more than a little patronizing. Would Voight have benched Antonio or Ruzek in a similar situation? Of course, Voight and Lindsay's working relationship is complicated by their personal one.

Stacy: I understand why Voight did it, and definitely agree it was motivated by their personal relationship, but it probably wasn't the best decision to leave her alone at the station. We all knew she wasn't just going to stay there.

How will Lindsay handle shooting Yates? Will this have a lasting affect on her?

Amy: I think it could actually help her in the long run. Knowing that she was the one to end Yates' life, and get some justice for Nadia's death.

Elizabeth: I'm with Amy – I think that this will help her get some closure with Nadia. I don't think she'll lose any sleep over this shooting.

Stacy: I agree as well. I think this will help her finally let go of all the guilt she's been feeling and move on.

Do you wish Benson could spend more time in Chicago?

Amy: Yes! I have been an SVU watcher since it's inception, and a Benson lover, so the more I see of her the better. I love the chemistry that she has with Voight, plus the friendship she has developed with Lindsay. I hope that we see her back on Chicago PD soon.

Elizabeth: I don't really get any kind of non-professional chemistry vibe from Voight and Benson – he's just not her type in my mind. But I do love Liv. She'd be a great mentor for Lindsay. Maybe we could have a show with just the ladies? Lindsay, Burgess, Platt, Benson, and even Robbins?

Stacy: Absolutely! I love Law and Order:SVU and Benson, and platonic or not, I love her relationship with Voight. It's also great to see Lindsay open up to her.

Rate the crossover. How did it compare to the three-show Chicago one earlier in the season?

Amy: I give it an A. I liked this one better because I love Dallas Roberts, and his portrayal of Yates was incredible. I am actually a little sad that Yates was killed off because he made such a creepy villain. RIP Greg Yates.

Elizabeth: B/B+? The story was good, but it wasn't all that crossover-y. Lindsay and Benson had decent coverage while they visited one another, and Antonio had some stuff to do in New York, but what was the point of Fin coming to Chicago? When I hear crossover, I expect a little more than just visiting characters. I'd probably call it equal or a little below the One Chicago event.

Stacy: I give it a solid A. It was my favorite PD episode of the season, though I do agree with Elizabeth that Fin tagging along was unnecessary. I thought the stories flowed across the two shows better than during the Chicago crossover.

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Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

You don't have to blow smoke. All hands on deck means all hands. I'll coordinate with News Affairs. We've got to get this bastard before he hurts someone else.


Voight: He's baiting you.
Lindsay: No he's not. He's using me to get under your skin and it's working.
Voight: You make one mistake with Yates, you're dead. You get that?
Lindsay: If he wanted me, he would have had me in upstate New York.
Voight: Well he's not getting a second chance.
Lindsay: Hank, if I'm bait, let me be bait.