Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Taking Sides

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Meredith continued to work through her trauma on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 10 with some surprising revelations, and Alex proved once again why he's an amazing doctor.

Join TV Fanatic writers Stacy Glanzman, Elizabeth Harlowe, and Ashley Bissette Sumerel for a discussion of "All I Want is You."

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Which Grey's Anatomy couple are you most invested in at the moment, and why?

Stacy: Can I pick Arizona and Webber? I love that he's still her wingman. As far as the real couples go, I would pick Bailey and Ben. They're solid, not to mention adorable.

Elizabeth: I love Bailey and Ben, but we see so little of them that I don't really feel invested per se. I've really enjoyed Jackson and April. losing a child is a near impossible thing to get through, even when you love each other. It's at such a tragic point right now, and we only now parts of the story. I'm really looking forward to the next episode.

Ashley: First of all, I love Stacy's answer about Arizona and Webber! But as for an actual couple, I'm still really rooting for Amelia and Owen.

Whose side did you take on Maya's case? Did you think Alex was right, or did you want Callie and Maggie to go through with the experimental surgery?

Stacy: If this was real life, I might have taken Alex's side. But this is Grey's Anatomy, and risky, never-been-done before surgeries is this show's MO. Of course, the experimental surgery was what I wanted to see.

Elizabeth: I was a little surprised that Alex was so against the procedure actually. And I have to say that I'd take Maya's side. Alex should have presented both options and all the inherent risks and then respected her wishes.

Ashley: I think Alex was right to want go the safer route, but yeah, this is Grey-Sloan Memorial we're talking about, and there's some magic there sometimes.

Would you ever want to see Alex and Meredith in a relationship?

Stacy: Absolutely not. I love their relationship exactly as it is, as friends.

Elizabeth: Ewwwwww, no. I mean, I don't like Jo for Alex, but Mer and him together would be some platonic giving up, let's just raise kids together type of thing. The idea of them making out is simultaneously hilarious and gross.

Ashley: Never. I absolutely love their friendship, and I'd hate to see them any other way. I laughed out loud when the therapist asked if she had feelings for him.

Was there anything that surprised you about this episode?

Stacy: Nothing really shocked me, but I thought we might have to wait longer for Owen to open up about Riggs and his sister. We still haven't gotten the whole story, but it was a start.

Elizabeth: Ben being invited to girls night. Not only was he the only guy there, but he's significantly older than them even if they are in their residency together. Having him hang out with them socially like that just didn't jive. 

Ashley: I was actually surprised that Meredith handled therapy so well, and that it was wrapped up in the course of one episode. I expected more to happen from the trauma.

Did you have a favorite quote or scene from "All I Want is You?"

Stacy: Richard questioning Andrew about his secret hospital girlfriend was pretty hilarious.

Elizabeth: His reaction when he figured it out was certainly comedic. I enjoyed Mer's new therapist, and his confusion over everyone's role in her life. And they didn't even get into people like George and Izzie! Also, the Riggs/Owen surgery scene was like a beautiful dance.

Ashley: I really liked this quote from Meredith:

A terrible thing happened. I did get knocked around, but nobody died. And any day where nobody dies, that's a good day.


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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 10 Quotes

Therapist: Meredith, you were attacked in your own hospital, and you consider that small stuff?
Meredith: Have you read my file?

A terrible thing happened. I did get knocked around, but nobody died. And any day where nobody dies, that's a good day.