How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: I Killed Lila!

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Would you have the ability to forgive a murderer?

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 11 tackled a very serious topic, when a mother fought hard to protect the man who murdered her son. It was an emotional and incredibly thought-provoking case, a combination that really made this one of the best episodes of the season.

Along with the case, Frank made a shocking confession to Laurel that is sure to have major repercussions down the road.

Join our round table, as Miranda Wicker, Rachel Miller, Amanda Steinmetz and Whitney Evans discuss everything that went down!

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1. What was your favorite scene?

Miranda: I LOVED the end sequence with Frank and Laurel confessing their misdeeds and Wes getting the packet of information about his mother and Nate showing up to Annalise's house to bring her food and then just leaving it there with a note. These are all seriously broken people, but I feel like that end sequence sort of maybe hinted at the fact that healing is a possibility.

Rachel: I agree with Miranda. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these tortured souls finally let their guards down and let someone in. I was really surprised that Frank actually confessed to Laurel, he truly trusts her.

Amanda: I'm also going to say the ending sequence. I'm very curious what Wes is going to uncover about his mother. Also, I've been waiting and waiting for Frank to finally confess to killing Lila and it actually happened!!!

Whitney: The scene between Tyler and his victim's mother where they were standing in the hallway and she was begging him to call her, was just absolutely heartbreaking. This show knows how to shock me, but it rarely makes me tear up.

2. The case of the week was very emotional. Thoughts?

Miranda: This case really struck me. I love that Shonda Rhimes is tackling restorative justice and social issues like racial inequality and a very, very broken prison system. I love it almost every time TV imitates real life and helps to move the discussion along, so this was certainly no exception.

Rachel: This case was extremely touching. It touched basis on events that goes on in today’s society, which is needed to keep the conversations going. I loved seeing the mother found it in her heart to forgive her son’s killer.

Amanda: I loved this case of the week. The performances were outstanding and made me think about my own ability to forgive.

Whitney: I think this will definitely go down as one of the more memorable cases this show tackles. When it began, I had no idea it was going to take the turn that it did, but it was incredibly moving to see a woman fight so hard for the killer of her son. She truly believed in love over hate and I applaud her for it.

3. Were the students right to walk out on Annalise?

Miranda: When she left Wes in the psych hold and just...didn't seem to care that he was there at all? Absolutely. This woman expects and demands loyalty from these students and doesn't always repay them in kind. Sure, she's breaking laws left and right to keep their crimes under wraps, but that doesn't mean that they couldn't all be swept up at any moment. She deserves a little mutiny now and again.

Rachel: I don’t blame them. I honestly would’ve left a long time ago. Annalise wants everyone to move under her terms and remain loyal to her. She has a hard time showing that she cares about her students after everything they’ve been through. The team is fed up with her antics.

Amanda: They should have left ages ago. It's still beyond my comprehension how little these people seem to care about protecting themselves. They all need to get as far away from Annalise as possible.

Whitney: Yes and no. I don't think Annalise deserves their undying loyalty, but she's also helped them a considerable amount. And I would think the fact that she almost died would give them a little more sympathy.

4. What do you make of Frank's confession to Laurel?

Miranda: He really, really trusts her and this relationship is not like the other law-student-hook-ups he's had in the past. Plus, I think the things he's done have probably been weighing on him. There's still a lot we don't know about Frank's history, so I'd imagine there are plenty more confessions where this one came from. The question is whether Laurel will still love him when she learns about them. (My money's on yes.)

Rachel: Frank most likely has all these thoughts in his head, and finally found someone he trusts with his dark secrets. I’m with Miranda, there’s still a lot we don’t know about Frank yet. I want to dig deeper into his background to know why he’s so loyal to Annalise. Frank’s confession will probably help his relationship with Laurel, bringing them closer than ever.

Amanda: FINALLY! I was thrilled that Frank finally confessed. I'm in agreement with everyone that he clearly has a lot more secrets he needs to come clean about. I think Frank knew he had to come clean in order to keep Laurel from walking out the door. However, it's pretty twisted that he's admitting to murder in order to keep his girlfriend from leaving him. Only on this show!

Whitney: I thought it showed that he really loves Laurel. The thought of her walking out, clearly made him realize that he had to be honest with her.

5. Do you think Phillip sent Connor that tape? Or could it be someone else?

Miranda: I think it was definitely Philip. Definitely. There's ALWAYS the chance it could be someone else, but right now, Philip's the only one with enough tech smarts we know of to have pulled this off.

Rachel: Yep. Phillip was lurking the manor at the time all the craziness happened, and then he just mysteriously disappeared. It’s going to be interesting to see how the crew will get themselves out of this mess.

Amanda: Right now I'll say Phillip just because I have no clue who else it could be.

Whitney: This show is so twisty, that it could very well end up being someone we never suspected. But right now, it seems like Phillip is the most likely candidate.

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