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Flashbacks open How to Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 11. Ten years prior, Annalise and Sam were expecting a baby. In the present, Annalise gets the all clear from her doctor to return to work and Wes gets put into the hospital on a psych hold when he makes a suicide threat to a resident.

Oliver is growing tired of Asher crashing on their couch, but Connor doesn't have the heart to kick his classmate out. Connor and Asher meet up with the other med students at the court house where Annalise has a plea hearing. Her client has already plead guilty in a second degree murder case. The victim's mother stands up and ends up causing the judge to postpone the plea.

The beginnings of how Frank came to be Sam's hitman start to show up in the flashbacks. 

Laurel finds out Wes is in the psych ward and asks for her help in getting out. Frank covers for her while everyone else starts prepping their case. When she can't get him out, Laurel tells Annalise that she needs to forgive Wes. Annalise responds by firing Laurel since her "old Bonnie is back."

Caleb shows up downstairs searching for a lawyer. He wants her help finding Phillip since he still believes his sister shot Annalise and finding Phillip is the key to freeing his sister. Michaela offers to help him and Caleb calls her a whore.

In the flashback, Bonnie helps Annalise get comfortable as she's heavily pregnant. Sam has been Bonnie's counselor and Bonnie says he's helping her. The transition to the present day shows scenes of Bonnie and Sam's history together.

Annalise kicks everyone out of her house with less than a day to go before their restorative hearing. Michaela and Asher go home with Connor where Asher overhears a conversation between the three of them which makes him feel worse about himself than he already did.

Wes still can't get any sleep and the doctor on his case believes his lack of sleep has something to do with Annalise. 

During the restorative hearing, the victim's mother breaks down, saying she can't live with her anger. Her words speak to Annalise. During a recess, she remembers parts of her life with Sam and then speaks with the victim's mother. When they return to the testimony, Annalise's client breaks down and tells the truth and the DA decides to raise the charges to first degree murder.

Frank meets with Nate to get information on Philip. Nate thinks he's in Canada. Frank doesn't let the conversation stop there. He tells Nate things are off with Annalise and asks Nate to visit her. Nate sends him away.

The victim's mother finds Annalise in the courthouse and tells her to fight for her client.

During an ultrasound, Annalise and Sam learn about their son. In the present day, when the team learns that Annalise has left Wes in the psych ward, everyone except Bonnie and Frank mutiny. Annalise goes to court and wins her case.

Wes talks to the doctor about his mother's suicide and finding her in their apartment. The doctor believes that witnessing Annalise's shooting has triggered Wes to remember his mother's suicide. 

In Cleveland, Ohio, ten years before, Annalise met with Wes' mother. She wanted Rose to testify in a case and Rose ended up dead. 

The team shows up to the psych ward to get Wes only to learn that the doctor has released him. On the car ride home, they discuss being honest with each other.

Laurel tells Frank he's not her boyfriend. Nate shows up on Annalise's doorstep, but she's off delivering a packet of information to Wes. Frank confesses to Laurel that he killed Lila. Nate leaves comfort food for Annalise. Connor gets an email from Philip.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Client: You took it in the gut. That's a suffer shot, for when you really want to make them feel it.
Annalise: Interesting you should know that.

Shouldn't I be getting some credit here for trying to be a good person for once?